Tuesday, November 23

Back from Irvine!

The weekend wasn't good. It was, in fact, very bad. But I'll share a few highlights and the up moments. 

For Subway, please take a left. For Subway, please take a right.

Beautiful scenery between Arizona and California.

Completely kidding. It's awful.
Anteaters are the mascot of Irvine. They're... scary.

Apparently, this is a rather famous restaurant in California.

It's basically a tea/restaurant places that's always hopping. Excellent service.

Great atmosphere too.

This is what I got. Honey Black Tea with Boba. Yum!

My tea with all the bags of tea that the restaurant sold.

I didn't know that they made ice cream out of this!
 How do you like road trips? 


  1. Oh your Subway sign sighting cracked me up! And that boba tea sounds delish! Hope your week brightens up!

  2. aw, I wish I had some pearl milk tea now!!


  3. the bubble tea is making me hungryy and crave for it!


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