Saturday, November 27

Home is where ... most of my possessions are.

I have to admit that I am one of those people who are very attached to their wordy possessions. I'm not the type who can pick up and resettle anywhere. Where I am and who I'm surrounded by defines me. It's all about the context, folks. 

Right now I attend college and my parents have graciously allowed me to live in a condominium/apartment of theirs. They purchased it for investment and currently, aren't charging me rent. 

In addition, I can decorate it however I want! 

To top it all off, my mafia connections family from China mafia connections have given me  a gift card of 1200 dollars to Ikea. 

Due to the sponsorship, this will be one of my most feasible projects. 

Despite the fact that I've been here for two years, the only picture I dare show of my apartment is this tiny corner of my living room.
The 7% Solution: Home improvement


  1. Oh you will be able to get sooooo much good stuff at Ikea for that money! How generous of your fam! My entire bedroom suite is from Ikea, as well as a bunch of pieces in my living room - big fan here!

  2. Good luck with the home improvement. Do you have a "vision" of what kind of decor/style you're aiming for?

  3. Hello Aki,
    How are you? Oh thanks for dropping a sweet line. I like your living room. So nice! Did you make it by yourself? Only i miss something. Add some flower then it's perfect.

  4. I forgot to answer your question. Yes I am from Germany:)

  5. How cool!!! Good luck in your re-do:)

    Stop by and say Hello:)
    Statements in Fashion Blog♥

  6. So lovely!


  7. hiya! i find design sponge always has great ideas on home decoration! look at sites like cupcakes and cashmere for inspiration too... she has great home improvement posts! thanks for the comment on my blog, the lights on my bookshelf stay up with a little bit of tape and some heavy books placed on top of them! looks really pretty... you should try that! :) xxxx


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