Thursday, November 18

I'm not a foodie.

Far from, actually. I barely discriminate between gourmet food and fast food. My tongue just doesn't taste well.

As far as cooking goes... I'm honestly a cooking disaster! I remember in high school, I had to cook for bake sales. I believe I caused a fireball to shoot from the oven once... and another time, I melted some plastic. Then there was that time when I was making meatballs with my friends and an entire pan of half cooked meat, grease and burning oil almost fell on me.

I only learned to cook when I moved out for college. I haven't caused any fireballs recently, but I do splash myself with oil frequently. 

Nonetheless, I love to try new recipes. 

The 7% Solution: To eat and to cook


  1. Your mom created a fireball too. It's an Chinese Mother-Daughter thing. I'm sure Amy Tan can make it oh-so-sentimental and a cultural buttress.

  2. Youre absoltely right. eat and cook and eat some more!


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