Tuesday, November 16

My Written Resume

I was never good at writing. I'm still not. 

When I was younger, my middle school teacher lied to me and said I was a good writer. Then I got to high school and the truth slapped me in the face. I've been told my word choice is plain and my sentences are unstructured. I lack organization.

I don't care; I still write. 

I used to have a journal when I was 12. I used gel pen to write in it. I glued ribbons to the front and back cover and tied it up every night when I was done writing. It was filled with the most profound of thoughts. 


I wrote about what I ate, what time I woke up and what errands I ran with my mother. 

But I reread it to remind me of the simpler days. 

Sometime later,  I moved to the internet. My preteen days were filled with xanga--a website that's barely relevant. 

I spent a long time on livejournal in my teens. 

Now that I'm oh-so-freshly out of the teenage phase, I'm moving to blogger. And that's that. 

The 7% Solution: To improve 

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  1. I am embarassed to read my old diaries from my junior high years - how self-important I thought I was back then!

    But there's nothing wrong to keep the internal dialogue going - and what better tool nowadays than blogger!


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