Tuesday, November 30

Silver Lining!

There are a number of annoyances bothering me this morning. 

The first is the fact that the "h" key on my laptop doesn't want to work. 
The second is that I have more group projects and tests before finals week than I can handle.
The third is that I have finals less than a week from today.
The fourth is that by having my car towed twice, my budget is more than dead. (Why is life so expensive?)
The fifth is that yesterday, my car stalled on the side of the road. I was driving and turning into a shop when all of a sudden, it stopped. Pushing on gas did nothing. Putting it on park made it stuck there. ...Then I started to roll back into traffic.

However, I'm thankful that my car stalled out right in front of a tow truck--which then towed me home for about half the price he was supposed to charge and in turn, covered my behind.  

Not my car, but might as well be.

My car has given me endless grief. I've had it for three years (it was my father's before) and I remember:
  • the battery dying. This was while I was trying to park in the garage at school. Think about all those tiny spaces! My parents came over to jump it.
  • the passenger side window sliding down... and staying down. The belt in the window was broken. ...a hundred dollars or so to fix. 
  • the front right tire popping.
  • the front right tire popping. Yeah, that's right. This happened twice. Both on the highway.  Once in morning rush hour. Once Friday night. Both required towing. Total was probably close to a thousand dollars.
  • the front windshield cracking. Required replacement. A hundred dollars or so of cost. 
I apologize for the rant.  I'm thankful I have a car, though, and I'm thankful I have the money to make said repairs. I'm thankful to have people who can help me out. 

I still don't want to pay over two thousand bucks to make repairs.  I'm calling in favors left and right for rides too. Life can be annoying sometimes, but ranting helps, no?

Gimme your worst rant!  Then your silver lining. =)


  1. Girl, you could probably find a used car with fewer problems for about the same as you've paid in repairs.

  2. Not to add to the list of grief that is already too long, but didn't the side bumper ("Thumper"? I don't remember) also fall off? I really think maybe you need a new car. I'm glad that you were fortunate enough to stall right next to a tow truck. And a nice one, at that. Haha, what are the odds?

    I'm thankful for you for giving me rides in said car, though! I wish I could pay you back now that you need it. I do owe you though, remind me once you've survived finals :)

  3. wow, i'm sorry to hear you're having so many car problems. but stalling out in front of a tow truck is definitely handy!

    best of luck with everything and i hope your car troubles go away soon!


  4. hi dear, hmm i want some jianbing right now! I'm in norther california, go check your mcdonalds, maybe you'll be lucky enough to find the Hello Kitty one too! :p

  5. Aki I am agree with Mugdha. Just a friendly advice. You could probably find a new one. I know that it has sentimental value but too repair it costs a lot of money.


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