Thursday, December 9

The Adventure of Pumpkin Pie

Almost an entire month ago, someone mentioned pumpkin pie to me.

I like pumpkin pie. I like it a lot. The thing is though, I'm a girl. A girl who lives alone and a girl who's trying to lose weight. Pumpkin pie is not a Solution. 

It's a problem. A rich, delicious problem. 

A week later, I find myself still thinking of pumpkin pie. All I wanted was a taste. I swore I'd be satisfied with a bite

I went to the grocery stores and I looked at the pies. I leaned on my shopping cart and gave a lovesick sigh.  

'It's not meant to be.'

Then, one day, I went to the grocery store and instead of whole pies, what do I see?

Pie slices. 

I brought one. I took it home. I gobbled it up. 



  1. You should give making a pie yourself a shot! It's really easy and you can be stingy with the sugar.

  2. hmm yummmmm indeed. i love pies and i love pumpkin pies a lot =)

  3. i'm such a huge fan of pumpkin pie too but can't buy (or make) an entire pie as I know I will eat so much as to regret it later. these little pie slices are perfect! i'm sure it was heaven. :)

  4. Pie slices are the best solution. Eat your pumpkin pie with pride!


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