Tuesday, December 7

And back to the core of it all.

I haven't been very healthy. It wasn't because of Thanksgiving, but more because of stress.  Staying up late and munching away. Staying at school and drinking sodas, eating hotdogs noming on fries. This needs to change.

Healthy living--that's what life is all about isn't it? 

We can hope to climb figurative mountains, reorganize our lives, have new experiences... but we need our bodies to be strong. 

I once subscribed to the philosophy "You can sleep when you're dead." 

... You can. 

I certainty can't...unless you want to deal with someone cranky and upset. I can't concentrate if I'm sleepy. 

Physically, I spend too much time lounging, not enough time moving.  

The 7% Solution: To exercise and eat healthier  


  1. Amen! I think a good spot to start is just to cut back on one thing you eat though. Finals is no time to go cold turkey healthy, dear. Just don't drink soda or something, for now. Substitute it for water or juice.

  2. I tried the cold turkey healthy thing for a bit last semester. I remember that I was always hungry... I don't think I was doing it right. Working out is good though. If only it were more convenient.

  3. I'm that way right now too. Stress and eatin'. So I def hear ya girl!

    I know exercise will actually make me less stressed and tired, but it can still be hard to motivate. But I've found that when I actually do, I feel so much better!!


  4. i really need to sleep early and eat healthier too. let's do it together =)

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  5. Eat healthy and exercise...ahh the things everybody know but hard to execute ^_^

    I am guilty as charged!


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