Tuesday, December 14

Bearing Fruit

A few Fridays ago, a club I'm a part of put on a Benefit Concert. 

The organization is Kiva. The group dynamics in it are crazy. Friends, professional relationships, all mixing. Sometimes I feel like I'm doing too much, other times, I feel like I've done way too little, but none of that matters. 

This Benefit Concert was an amazing experience.  I'm so proud and impressed by everyone I've worked with. I haven't been pleased with how some things have gone, but the end result is nothing less than a success. I have never been a part of something as public as this. A lot of hard work (not from me) went into it; I just want to recognize that.

Here's a few pictures from the event. 

I didn't take the pictures and they're not the best quality since it was a dark room, but I lightened them and now they have a cool, old quality. If anyone has any suggestions on how to make pictures taken in a dim setting visible, please let me know. I'm always interested in new camera tricks.


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  2. There's a night/indoor/party setting in some cameras, but the results could still turn out unsatisfactory...I am too still learning to take better pictures in low light settings ;)

  3. Great benefit event and it looks like you had a good turnout.

    As for taking pictures in low lighting, the best way unfortunately is having a tripod and using a timer. Then use the low-light / nighttime setting on your camera and you should be good to go! :)


  4. it seems like the benefit fair was a hit! glad to hear it exceeded your expectations. :)

    benefit fairs are always great. i have always wanted to help out with one.

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