Thursday, December 2

Classy and Fabulous

I hope everyone had a great first day of December. I couldn't believe it was already December when I flipped my figurative calender. But I always feel like that.  

The title from this post comes from a Coco Chanel quote, if you didn't know. It might be the Coco Chanel quote. 

I've been told that I have a classy style. (Of course, the people who tell me this are male, so it may be the only non-offensive descriptor that they know.) Whether or not I have a right to be, I'm honored. 

When I'm not classy, I'm definitely quirky, whimsical and bright. I love neon colors that stand out.

I've recently started to follow trends, but I do know when something doesn't work for me. 

My go to combo is probably a cami, cardigan and skirt. I'm curvy and short, so I'm still learning to dress for my shape. 

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