Saturday, December 25

Festival of Lights - Boat Parade

I don't live in New York City, where there's always something going on. I don't live in Los Angles. I don't live in Vancouver. My city doesn't have beautiful scenery or a rocking night life. In fact, I live in a pretty lame place. But I'm determined to make it not lame. There must be things to do, right? 

I'm in a constant search for more Arizonan bloggers. But I've also started to seek out events myself. It's hard to get outside in the summer, but there's no better time than in the 70 degree winter! A few weeks ago, Amy from VeryAimee accompanied me to a Boat Parade. 

So, to celebrate Christmas, if you do, here are some pictures from that event!

Look at all the people!

Some pictures are a bit trippy, sorry.


  1. Love the picture of all the people hanging over the bridge! Merry Christmas, Laura!

  2. You're right...this looks a lot more awesome than it sounded. The Grinch!! :)
    Merry Christmas!


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