Tuesday, December 21

I missed the Harry Potter opening.

Remember how that was a month ago?  Unfortunately, a month ago, I was in Irvine. Spoilers ahead, beware!

But I just watched Harry Potter this weekend and I'm going to have to insert a fangirl rant here. OMFGBELLATRIX. She's one of my favorite characters and I love, love, love, love, love her hair. And Emma Watson? That girl is seriously pretty. So, of course, this makes my favorite scene in the movie the one where Bellatrix is on Hermione. Sure, carving mudblood into her arm is an addition, but I feel that using curses definitely distances the audience sometimes. The strangest part of the movie is naked Harry and Hermione making out (naked).

I've also been looking at all the merchandise and Potter related crafts! When I saw these adorable hairpins on Etsy, I asked a friend what Harry Potter House she thought I belonged in. She replied and I apparently wasn't satisfied with her answer or something. Because...

Then I sent a mass text asking more ten people what Harry Potter House they thought I belonged in. I didn't get very many replies, but the ones I did get blossomed into conversations about the new movie, merchandise and even catching up with a few friends  I haven't  spoken with in a while. Fandom is awesome.

 Here are a few highlights.

From Amy @ VeryAimee - "Ravenclaw, though by default most Asians are in Ravenclaw."

Most hilarious reply goes to my little brother, who passes himself as a nerdy Asian but can't read. He's 12. 
My text: What HP house would I belong in?
Him: HP?
Me: Harry Potter
Him: What do you mean what house?

The total came out to be: 4 Ravenclaw, 3 Slytherin, and 1 Ravenclaw but maybe Slytherin.

Interesting fact: Gryffindor colors are my school colors. 


  1. I used to think I would be in Ravenclaw, too, but as time goes on I'm pretty sure I'd be Slytherin. I still do think you're a Ravenclaw though.



  3. hmmm.... i dont know what house i'd be in. i'd like to think Gryffindor but there;s no way. tbh im probably a hufflepuff! :)
    GREAT post - i did a harry potter one a while back check it out! http://improcrastinate.blogspot.com

  4. i need to see this movie still!! i love Emma Watson and those hairpins are adorable!


  5. I maintain that I think we'd both be Slytherins. I want those bows. And I really like this post, though maybe just on principle. HP Fandom is the bestttt.


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