Saturday, December 11

My apartment smells of cookies.

What is that?

Could it be one giant cookie? 

That's what I wondered when I opened this up. It's a cookie scented candle. 

Like that.

Makes more sense now, doesn't it? 

Every time I open the door, I'm assaulted with the smell of cookies.  Once, I left some vinegar out (I was eating dumplings) and the two scents mixed. My apartment smelled so sweet, tangy and delicious. 

This candle is from The Cake Candle Company. I received it as a birthday gift two years ago. 

Do you burn candles? If so, which ones?


  1. wow, that's one awesome candle!! i think i'd be tempted to eat it. :)

  2. heheheh awesome idea! now, how do i make my flat smell like fried chicken...

  3. hello! i was here... would you like to follow each others blogs?? =))) you can follow my blog by clicking here. *winks*


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