Thursday, December 30

Not cheating because I haven't committed.

So, I said I want to be healthier, right? Not necessarily healthy. I want to be more healthy than I was, which is not very healthy at all. 

Oh, the contract reader in me is finding all these technicalities. 

I went to hang out with my brother the other day. He requested pizza for dinner. Just a clarification, he requested pizza for dinner. 

I obliged. We went to Barros, a pizza chain that was just a few minutes from home. We were deciding what to get when the manager says, "You want a medium sausage pizza for five bucks? It's fresh. Someone canceled their order."

I look at my brother.

He looks at me.

"We'll take it."
 That's how we ended up eating this pizza, drinking soda, and making fun of a children's football team. Sibling bonding...a worthwhile diet breaker, no?


  1. I could not agree more. :) It sounds like a cheat day -- We are all allowed those. (And this comes from a personal trainer.)



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