Saturday, December 4

Sherlock Holmes should be high more.

I don't condone the use of hard drugs or anything like that! I was just searching youtube for clips of Sherlock Holmes, high on cocaine. It's what I do in my free time?

To my surprise and disappointment, there aren't many clips. I found a total of three, all from the Granada series.


Just a guess, of course, but perhaps it has something to do with depicting drug use on television? Especially when times were more conservative? Maybe television ratings would have gone up? Maybe the director just thought it wasn't an important aspect of character development. 

Either way, in the new Sherlock Holmes movie with Jude Law as Watson and RDJ as Holmes, I'd like to see Holmes high. Perhaps with Downey's personal history, it'll have an especially gritty take. 

A girl can hope.

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