Thursday, December 16

Tomorrow is my birthday.


But when you wish someone a happy birthday, what does it mean?

My birthday used to be all about me. Ever since I was 12, I always lamented about getting older. I took living as a personal success. But my birthday isn't about me at all. It's not about gifts. It's not about any personal success. 

I feel like every happy birthday should be directed at my mom--who was in labor for a ridiculous amount of time. To my parents together, who have given me clothes, food, an education, an apartment, new gadgets and so much more. To my friends who cheer me on in life. 

The thing is, it wouldn't be a happy birthday at all without these people. 


  1. Happy belated birthday...for me, it's about getting gifts and going for a nice meal/KFC.
    Heheheh, shallow, aren't I?

  2. Hello Aki,
    Belated happy birthday! Wishing you all the best.


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