Thursday, January 27

Feasts from Long Ago

When I cook, I don't... follow recipes, per say. For some reason, following directions to a T is very difficult for me. If I find something online, I'll be sure to link it. =)

Over thanksgiving break (yeah, that long ago, sorry!) I had a friend over. We had a little dinner party of sorts. 

First, we made a hot spinach and artichoke dip.  Only we didn't use the oven and we used asparagus instead of artichokes. I went to the store to look for artichokes, but I didn't know how to eat them! Now I know that artichoke hearts come in cans. This recipe's great! Not healthy at all, but cheap and easy to make party appetizer food.

Next, we made mashed potatoes with onions and mushrooms. It tasted good, but I found that it was a really strange texture. The mashed potatoes were a bit flavorless. After picking out the onions and mushrooms I threw away the mashed potatoes. 


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  2. Mmm, I love spinach dips! And spinach itself, but only if it's fresh. The potatoes and mushrooms and onions picture looks delicious.. It's too bad the potato part didn't taste good :(

  3. Wow! The mashed potatoes with mushrooms and onions looks great!!! A shame it doesn't taste as well!! But that dip looks incredible!! Believe it or not, I don't have the habit of having nachos with dips; but that is something that I would love to try!

  4. mmm, you are quite the chef! the spinach and artichoke dip looks so tasty. and how amazing that asparagus works in place of artichoke! :)

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  5. i love spinach dip! i could eat a whole tub! xo

  6. They both look really good! Maybe some extra salt would have helped the mashed potatoes.

  7. next time try adding some cream cheese and/or butter to your mashed potatoes...or even goat cheese if you're feeling adventurous!


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