Tuesday, January 4

Improvement is so vague.


I say I want to improve my writing--but how? 

This is one of my biggest issues. 

I can't properly express myself. 

Orally, it's a little bit better. At least if you're speaking with someone in person, you can see their WTF face. 

If you write, they might just skip over your words. In this day and age, with email correspondence, it's so easy to be misunderstood. 

The number one complaint from employers is that their new recruits suck at writing.

I suppose my amended 7% Solution is to write clearly.


  1. Back in college, I did creative writing and journalism and found myself to be incccrreedddibbbly wordy - good for creative, not so good for journalism. I wish I could express myself better orally!!!

  2. As an English graduate student, I understand the writing dilemma. I love writing. I would choose writing a paper over taking an exam. Papers don't bother me. In grad school, I write (on average) three or four papers a week. It's true that most college students have very basic writing skills. Most can't spell very well, and very few possess the ability to write well. Oral communication is almost as big of an issue. The ability to write has decreased tremendously in our society, and anybody who actually has this ability will be ahead of the pack in the job market.

    If there is ever anything you want me to look over or edit, I would be happy to do so. It's my job. :)


  3. I think noticing improvement in your writing is something that tends to happen in retrospect. Reading over your old writing and realizing it doesn't sound half bad is always a good sign. With employers, it's hard because the type and style of writing they expect can often be specific and therefore, often goes unpracticed. It will come if the rest of your writing ability is alright. Remember, grammar grammar grammar, organization, and word choice. You can do it.

  4. i suck at writing...and the lazier i get, the less improvement. i always think that reading more will improve my writing skills, but i haven't exactly putting this theory into practice...so, i'd never know T_T


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