Tuesday, January 18

A New Jacket

This weekend was disappointing. I came back the night before school started, trying to get everything organized. When I checked the shipping status of my textbooks, I saw that they had already been delivered and left on my patio. ...But nothing's on my patio. 

I remembered that this weekend (while I was not here) my water heater started leaking and there was black mold in my patio. My parents came to clean it. I don't know if they took it, if UPS left it on someone else's patio or what... I'm extremely frustrated and off to a bad start. 

So I decided to do a little online shopping, to ease the mind! 

A new jacket is something that I don't need at all. It's an item that my wardrobe has a ton of. 
The tricky thing is getting something cute and light. I started my search at Charlotte Russe and Forever 21, just to get a sense of how cheap these jackets can be and the general styles that are out there. A jacket can get to be over a hundred dollars easily. I'm not sure if I want to invest. 

My main issue is that  I want a short jacket but I've got wide wide hips. The cut usually makes me look short and stout.  

Forever 21
 I was browsing through when I found this gem. I stopped, pointed at my screen and blinked. SHERLOCK HOLMES much?


  1. It's like a cape.
    I like it.


  2. I like it and I haven't got a cape! I want one! But I think they wont look good on me, cos I am so so so short and chubby.

    Hope you find your textbooks soon, I hate it when that happens.


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