Tuesday, February 22

I love Lush.

Oh, look, it's my favorite store, LUSH!

I don't order a lot of things online, so I love receiving big boxes. I got these  items from their Halloween Forum Party. (Don't worry. It's the post that's super late, not the shipping.) If you don't know, a forum party is an event where all sorts of lushies get online, talk to each other, answer trivia and get prizes. To top it all off, there are limited edition items. 

I got Gold, Frankincense and Beer (GFB), a shower jelly as well as Ghost, a shower gel.  I received two samples, Honey I Washed the Kids Soap and Coal Face Cleanser. 

I've used Honey I Washed the Kids before and it's one of my favorites. Makes sense that it's one of Lush's best selling products! This is a pretty sweet-smelling product and incredibly creamy. They have a limited edition item out for Valentine's Day called It's Raining Men. It's Raining Men is Honey I Washed the Kids in shower gel form and it smells divine.  

I haven't used Coal Face before. It's more for oily skin and I don't really have that, especially in the winter. One day, I woke up feeling slightly oily and I gave it a try. I cannot stand the heavy licorice smell that this product has. The coal in it leaves your face slightly black after you lather and it dried my skin out, as I expected. I'm saving it for the summer.

The GFB  (not to be confused with the BFG, or big friendly giant) is pretty fun to use. I rub a exfoliating glove (which I use as a loofa) over it. It lathers up like a dream. The smell is reminiscent of root beer. It's not a traditional bath product scent, but that's what I like about Lush.

The Ghost shower gel is very pretty outside of the bottle. It looks like it has shimmery silver flakes in it.  I can't say that I generally like flower heavy scents but this lily shower gel is very nice. It's very sophisticated and relatively gender-neutral. I have to admit, that this was seventeen dollars in terms of price though, so it's an indulgence.  


  1. I really wish we have a lush store somewhere here! I heard great things about lush and their colorful bubbly goodness!

  2. Lush has such awesome stuff!!((: And I know what you mean about receiving huge parcels!;p

  3. I have a Lush close to me, and despite all of the good things I have heard/read, I still haven't been there.
    I really need to jump on that.

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  4. i've awarded you the versatile blogger award, you can go to my blog for details:)

  5. what a great package! i don't shop online much either, and get really excited when i get things in the mail too. :)

    the coal face wash sounds interesting. i have never thought to use coal in a face wash. lol! you should do a review on it once you get a chance to use it!

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  6. p.s.,
    did you get a new banner? i love it!

  7. I luv lush too esp. the bubble bath bars. They smells so good.

  8. i LOOOOVE lush. just did a haul w/ their bath bombs. i've been meaning to try honey i washed the kids. xo

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