Thursday, February 24

A New Jacket, Pt 3

Do you see my problem now? 

I have serious shopping issues!

I was looking in my closet and I decided that I don't need any more cardigans. I need something I can wear outside of a cardigan. Not a sweater, not a coat, but a jacket. A heavy blazer? 

Perhaps I don't know what I'm looking for either. 

Sometimes I just want a fantastic fur coat a la Cruella DeVille.

And Lady Gaga, apparently.

Or maybe something military-styled. Or something leather?

Or something that looks like grass.

Kidding about this one.


  1. I like the white/cream colored jacket! Really cute :)

  2. The last one reminds me of Oscar the Grouch.
    But of course I would think that.

  3. I tried on the last one at forever 21, it made me feel like a green chewbaca! but I do want to get a fur vest or a fur coat!

    great blog I'm following you now :)

  4. Is the weather cool enough in Arizona to wear leather or fur? I live in Florida, and it really limits what I can wear (I'm having trouble even finding cardigans that are light-weight enough), but I like the jacket you picked!

  5. I love my blazer! GAP has some really great ones.
    Thanks so much for all your comments:) I'm not a full time teacher yet, I graduate in April, but I teach 3rd grade twice a week!


  6. The grass jacket is hilarious! I work with someone who would totally wear that.


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