Saturday, February 19

No Snacks!

I'm traveling this weekend to LA. More mock trial... yay. I'm at the Regionals tournament. If I don't do well, it could mean the end of my season. If I do well... it may still mean the end of my season, but closing the season off on a good note makes me happy. Please wish me luck! I've been horribly nervous about this weekend. 

Moving on to something substantive.  

As a student, I love snacking on things. It's a habit that my family's encouraged over the years. I remember the first time I needed to read textbooks past 11pm and how my mom brought me plate after plate of snacks. But in order to keep healthy, I've learned a few tips. Maybe they can work for you too!

First of all, identify why you want to snack. I snack to concentrate, not because I'm actually hungry. These tips apply more for this situation, than say, if you snack to keep you energy level up. 

Here goes!

1. Control what you buy!
I try not to buy potato chips, cookies, sugary fruit snacks, and the such. This is harder to control if you live with a husband/roommate or family. Luckily, I live by myself. Sure, your cravings hit you at midnight, but you're not going to run out to the grocery store then. If you don't keep anything unhealthy in the house, you're not going to eat it.

2. Have something to munch on. 
On the other hand, I do keep things to munch on in my house. Granola and yogurt, it's a good, healthy, and filling combo. Let's say that a serving holds 150 calories. After one serving, I'm not likely to go back, unlike those bags of bite-sized cookies of 100 calories. I can easily eat 3 bags of those! I've also been looking into fruit as well as crackers and hummus for something salty.

3. Don't beat yourself up. 
I do indulge once in a while, but I don't beat myself up for it. My current indulgence of choice is bar chocolate. I can separate it into small portions, but each bite still overloads me with that delicious taste.  I have no issues with buying Valentine's Day candy on sale, for myself.

4. More meals, smaller portions. 
Never go without a meal. When I deprive myself (or food or sleep) I feel grumpy. Then I overeat (or oversleep). If it takes you 2 sandwiches to feel full and you skip 'em all together, next time you'll find yourself eating 3 sandwiches.  

My snacks currently include hummus and crackers (crackers > chips), apples, oranges, and gum. A few days ago, when I was out of snacks, I was eating tons of sugary cereal. I know I shouldn't be eating sugary cereal in the first place, but the box gave me a deal I couldn't refuse. Movie tickets! Either way, replacement snacks!


  1. I actually started doing this last semester :D And I ended up losing 30 pounds from it :D

  2. best of luck with your tournament!!! don't be nervous. just have confidence, and you'll do great! :)

    thanks for posting these wonderful snacking tips. i think my problem is, is that i need to snack more! haha! i just get so caught up, every time i start an assignment, i completely forget the wonders of snacking. lol

    have a great weekend!

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  3. thanks for the tips! Sugar is my guilty pleasure, I just find it so hard to quit the large portion sweets all together T.T So I just settle with peppermint gum ._.

  4. good luck on your tournament!

    i'm a sucker for anything flamin' hot. xo


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