Saturday, February 26

Stuff it!

I love making yummy food from recipes I find online. This is a recipe I stole from a box of kitchen. My friend Mugdha also did her version of stuffed mushrooms

To be honest, with the grinding of the shrimp and corn, these were more or less a pain to make. I don't have a food processor, I have a blender. A blender that's falling apart. When I was making these, the bottom fell out and I had grey shrimp/corn mush on my hands. That's, literally, on my hands. 

After looking at Mugdha's version, I feel like I should have put them in the oven instead of over the stove. They weren't fun to turn and the stuffing kept falling out. Ultimately, I'm not sure if I cooked them long enough, but I didn't get sick, so hey!

You don't notice that this picture is blurry.
 Just an additional update on my life. I talked about Mock Trial Regionals. I'm happy to report that my team did very well and we finished 8th. Thanks for sending us good luck vibes. On the other hand, it was a bittersweet ending because my season is over. This means I have more time on my hands!


  1. it looks soo delish and yeah, my blender is kind of falling apart, too :( and congratulations!!

  2. I think you should teach me how to cook. It looks yummy!
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  3. I changed nothing:( They said blogger has problem.

    Btw, the food looks yummy!

  4. these look delicious! they remind me of the stuffed mushrooms from olive garden, but better because they're home-made! :)

    congratulations to you and your team!


  5. p.s.,
    i just now realized that i was never following you! but now i am!

    congrats on the 25 followers, girl! cheers to many more.

  6. wah, they look delicious! i am lucky to have a food processor... ;)

  7. mmm, i love stuffed anythings^^ I have a food processor but not a blender... I bought it at goodwill for 15$ and it sprays the entire kitchen if you fill it too high haha. Ohhh, student living.. :)

  8. STILL; this looks amazing!! And definitely a great idea for me b/c I love anything stuffed; and anything with mushrooms!((:


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