Thursday, February 17

Unlikely Style Inspiration: Sheldon

Over the winter break, I watched way too much Big Bang Theory. I was first shown this program a while back, but it didn't really resonate until recently. You know how you have to grow attached to the characters? 

In spite of what the title of this post may suggest, My favorite character on the show isn't Sheldon. It's Wil Wheaton. I adore that nerdy-bad boy image he gives off. As a Star Trek fan, I also love the frequent Trek references. But alas, even if my favorite character isn't Sheldon, this post is about Sheldon.

In addition to watching Big Bang Theory, I read a lot of fashion blogs during my break. Slowly, fashion began to mix with Big Bang Theory and I saw a few interesting details. Does anyone notice how ridiculously awesome Sheldon's shirts are? 

I need more awesome shirts like his. And I need to wear them with a long-sleeved shirt underneath, like he does. So I tried it out!

I apologize for not keeping my hair away from the t-shirt (guess Sheldon doesn't have that problem). My t-shirt is from and my long sleeved shirt is from Forever 21. 

How did I do? What do you think about Sheldon's t-shirts?


  1. lol you are so cute. I actually bought my bf the Bazinga t shirt last month, he loves it hahaha

  2. I've been meaning to check out that show. It sounds interesting! I think I've underestimated t-shirts the last year. I don't think I even wear t-shirts anymore.. just blouses, tanktops, and sleeveless things. You inspire me to wear a silly tee once in a while :)

  3.! I've actually been wanting Leonard's Paradox one. Ochem nerdiness to the max.

  4. I wear my Ralph Lauren tees with shirts underneath all the time. It's a fantastic, laid-back, layered look.
    P.S. I love Sheldon, and I want him to become my nerdy best friend. I think we would get along splendidly.
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  5. i like the layered shirt look as it's a nice way to make use of the summer t-shirts. and what a cute design on this shirt!

    cute and little

  6. I have the same exact screen thats in the background... I guess all asians think alike! haha

  7. You did great and yes, I think Sheldon is QUITE fantastic with his t-shirts


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