Tuesday, March 1

Belated Valentine's Day Post: Nails + Cupcakes

I don't know when exactly I turned into that girl who got excited for Valentine's Day, but this year, I was definitely that girl. I loved everything pink around and was in a generally cheery mood. It's not like  had a Valentine this year compared to previous years, so I'm not sure what was different. 

A few days before Valentine's Day, I did my nails with little hearts. You can see from the shape of the hearts that I'm no artist. And yes, these pictures are all of my left hand as the hearts on my right hand looked... more blob like. I prefer to call them anatomically correct.

The pearly white is Purely Pearl from Petites. The black is ELF Black (the only ELF nail polish that hasn't dried up). The pink is Sinful Colors Vacation Time. The red is Sinful Colors Mercury Rising.

The Sunday before Valentine's Day, I dragged my friend to Sprinkles, a local cupcake store. Sprinkles specializes in overpriced cupcakes... what? It's true! 

They have a ton of different cupcakes!

Don't they look amazing? If you follow their Twitter, they give codes for free cupcakes. And so I brought a cupcake and got a cupcake for free. Now the price is worth it!

Milk Chocolate on the left, Lemon on the Right
The cupcakes were so rich! Going to Sprinkles is an experience. A once in a while experience, but an experience none the less. 

On Valentine's Day, I didn't actually... do anything.  But the day afterwards, I got some on sale chocolate and some strawberries! 

Who said you need a date to have fun?  


  1. you nails look adorable!
    i'm following you:)



  2. i love your nails! the little hearts are so festive. :)

    it looks like you had a wonderful valentine's day! that is so true. you really don't need a date to have fun!


  3. Hmm, one of your finest posts, I think. Made me feel the love in the air on March 1st.

  4. Aww your nails are very cute and vday inspired and the sprinkles cupcakes look delish!

  5. MMMMMM! now i want a cupcake....

  6. i love your nails. i really need to get into painting mine more. those cupcakes look amazing btw! yum


  7. "Who says you need a date to have fun ?" I totally agree ! Those cupcakes look delicious but as they're so rich, I think I only eat those kinds of cupcakes once a year or less haha. I also love the nail art. I really should try something like that :-)

  8. your nails are adorable! soo very cute! =) and omg, u make me want sprinkles cupcakes really bad. hahaha!

    super cute blog, btw. i'm a new follower =D


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