Tuesday, March 22


As I briefly mentioned in this post, I went to Flagstaff over the weekend. To reiterate, Flagstaff is about three hours North and it's a forest-y area. The trip was interesting...

So, we left at about eleven am (with my inner control freak wondering why we didn't leave at nine am, and if we are leaving at eleven, why not after lunch?). But, with donut holes in tow, we drive... for about an hour. That's when I spot this outlet mall in Anthem. I stop and meander in Ann Taylor, Banana Republic, J Crew, Gap for an hour. I walked out with a top from Ann Taylor and my friend with a pair of green converse from Famous Footwear (or somewhere similar, I forget).

After this brief excursion, it's already about two, so we drive fast. When we get to Flagstaff, we grab a quick lunch  and ... this is where the issues start. The trail we wanted to hike is located on Mormon Lake. And we head out of town. We drive twenty miles south ,five miles west...  and find that the trail is closed. Quickly, we attempt to check other trails but we notice the majority of them aren't open in the winter either. The area is usually snowy, but due to the unusually warm weather last weekend, it was a nice seventy degrees. 

And we attempt to leave a different way--to find a different trail. We get lost. SO LOST IN THE WILDERNESS. It's terrifying. There's nothing in sight... just trees. And the sun's going down. After driving for almost another hour, we decide to backtrack. Before we do though, we stop to take a few pictures. Then we head back. So, a total of six hours of driving amounted to about half an hour of hiking. A little frustrating... but I got some gorgeous pictures. 

So, a prelude before I show them to you. I'm not naturally photogenic. I don't know what happened with these pictures... Perhaps I had an amazing photographer, a good hair day, a good background... but you guys know what I usually look like and this is not it. 
  Cardigan: Old Navy (Unknown)
Dress: Vintage (from my mom's closet, not stolen, given this time)
Belt: Forever 21 (Came with another shirt)
Shoes: Alex Marie (Old)

Kind of gratuitous, I understand, but I'm a little vain when I get good shots. It happens so rarely!

Oh, and I hear that my photographer might sneak a peek at this blog post. If anyone out there has comments/compliments/criticism, please leave 'em.


  1. The first photo is maaaagic! I love it. Your hair is super pretty and I love your outfit! Who's your photographer? I always convince my fiance to take my outfit shots, I think he has mixed feelings about it. And I always end up getting at least 30 shots of my butt.

  2. These photos are gorgeous! The shopping trip stop sounds like fun. How did you hike around in those heels? I love your dress! http://thearcenciel.blogspot.com/

  3. These pictures are so beautiful :) Great job to the photographer! The 1st picture and the 8th picture are my favorites. I'm glad you found your way out of the wilderness, and I hope you brought extra water and snacks LOL

    Oh, and LOL @ Kara's comment :D

  4. I love the photographs!!! I'm so glad you weren't lost for to long~ that would be horrifying.

  5. Braving the trail in heels and a dress! And what are you talking about, girl, you're stunning!

  6. the photos are pretty and love the dress you are wearing! haha I get lost soo easily speaking of getting lost

  7. I forgot to say thank you so much for the award.
    i love your pictures by the way, you are really pretty!

  8. Great pictures, you look stunning!!

  9. i remember my dad took me to flagstaff as a kid and he wanted to move there so bad! gorgeous dress - so classy! and those photos of the sunset are stunning. thanks for the stylish blogger award! xx

  10. love the photos! gorgeous baby!!

  11. aww. I think you're super photogenic. I like alot of your pics, but you do look extra pretty here!



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