Tuesday, March 29

Hard Shampoo is ... soft.

This was one of my few Lush purchases that I was disappointed with. The reason being? It was a spur of the moment purchase. 

I brought this over the summer, in London. The fact that I'm still not done with it says something, no? Hard Shampoo is used in areas with Hard water. It's supposed to help the water and make it work with your hair. It sounded so good and amazing. But, I don't really see it working... at all. No wonder they discontinued it.
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The shampoo bar lathers when you run it over your wet hair. This part is quite cool. A few swipes and it bubbles up like crazy. But then you have to put the shampoo bar somewhere dry. It melts otherwise. And after the shower? Don't forget to literally dry it off. I made the mistake of leaving it in a steamy bathroom and it got soft and mushy on me. I asked some Lushies what was going on and they replied that this happens to a lot of shampoo bars. I had to leave this out in the air for two weeks before it went back to normal. After two uses in the shower, it got mushy again. 

After I finish this, I'm probably not going to pick up a shampoo bar ever again. 

In other news, over the weekend, I went to the Arizona Blogger Meetup. I'll save that for a different post though, since I'm still trying to compile a list or follow all the people that I met and was introduced to. 


  1. Shampoo bars are a fascinating idea. They sound like they'd be especially convenient for travelers, since you don't have to worry about liquid requirements on flights! But WOW, you had to leave it out for two weeks before it dried?! Might as well just bring a travel shampoo and then buy a bigger one if you need it when you get off the plane.. Thanks for letting us know about shampoo bars. I'll think twice before picking one up.

  2. wow, i've never heard of a shampoo bar hehe.it really is a good concept, too bad the texture turns to mush afterwards :/

  3. oo i have never tried a shampoo bar before, i'm never really good with bars in general, i keep dropping them and it hits my toes in the shower. I really want to try bath bombs though, have you ever tried?

  4. Bar shampoo - this is news to me! I don't even like regular body bar soap, haha!

  5. Im a Lush virgin. I've never used anything from there before. I hope to in the future just maybe not this shampoo bar. LOL

  6. Huh, hard shampoo, can't ever said I've heard of it and from your description I'm not going to bother to try it out. Can't wait to see your upcoming post about the blogger meet :)

  7. I hate when products that seem like great ideas fail miserably. Thanks for sharing!


  8. oh this is good to know! i'm always curious about Lush products but never know what to try. thanks for the tip!

    cute & little

  9. huh, I've never tried hard shampoos before, I like my shampoos runny. and I don't think I like that look, looks like a pink rice ball lol

  10. This sounds creepy. I don't think I could handle it.

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  11. This is so disappointing to hear because I absolutely love Lush products and was thinking about using one of these... At least I know not to get one


  12. That shampoo sounds terrible! I wouldn't buy it again either! Thanks for stopping by my blog! It was lovely meeting you over the weekend! =)


  13. Hello. I'm sorry to hear that bar was a pain. Lush normally makes some awesome products so that sucks. On the plus side the bar looks so cute up in the photo!

  14. iv never tried Lush Shampo b4...but i Do luv luv their bubble bars and Bath Fizzies~~~

    i luv your blog btw check out mine too


    follow me (pretty please ^_^) and i'll follow back~~~

    have a good day hun~~~

  15. How interesting! At first, I thought it was dessert of some sort (silly me!).

    Looking forward to hearing about your blogger meetup!


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