Tuesday, March 8

Iced Wine, Snowcake, Angel's Delight and more!

A friend got this Shower Jelly from Lush for my birthday (yes, in December.)

This tub of jelly is huge. I had to return it because I knew there was NO WAY I'd be able to finish it. It smells very fruity--but the scent is a tad too fake for me to love.  

So, I took the Iced Wine back to the store and sniffed for another product. 

I'm punny. 

I smelled many things from their Christmas collection, but I found two winners and got HUGE hunks of both. 

Note the flower detail.
The first item  I got was Snowcake. I've heard about this before on Lush Forums. People hoard this stuff like crazy! I've heard some people say that Snowcake is plasticity, but I didn't get any of that.  It smells like almonds--something that I adore. The soap itself is very white and pretty too. This is one of those sweet soaps, but much more subtle than a lot of the stuff out there. Snowcake was a limited edition soap for Christmas, but it's been brought back, so I hope Lush has it next year too. (Yes, I'm already thinking about next year.)
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I also got Angel's  Delight. This is also a limited edition soap that's out for Christmas. It smells so wonderful! It's orangey and tangeriney and very very fruity. This isn't a sweet smell, per say, but I can imagine someone thinking that it's too much. There's so many colors on this soap! I had a friend (male!) describe it as unicorn puke. It's yellow, purple, blue.... if you're lucky, you can even get a piece with the moon face on it.  

Speaking of something else beautiful, the weather in Arizona is great. Even a self-proclaimed summer-hater like me is dressing in shorts and tanks. Spring break is coming up next week... and I have no plans, other than to do a bit of studying. Any suggestions for something cheap and fun?  


  1. Here is sunny but very cold. I was chilling outside today. Missin' wearing tanktops, shorts and flops.

  2. LOve Lush!!! is fantatis and everything there is so so cool!!! im following! great post!

    Look my blog and if you like it, follow me!


    xx :)


  3. I can't believe I have NEVER tried any Lush products! Everything in your post looks great! I need to try Lush ASAP!

  4. i use to work at lush in college hahha.. and i'm still obsessed with their products :) love everything!

  5. I've never been to Lush before but I am all thinking about the snowcake right now! Soap that smells like almonds, yes, please!

  6. you guys are so lucky your getting sun! its all soggy in Vancouver right now ):

  7. mm these sound so great to shower with!

    i did the handwriting thing...check it out:

  8. Those pictures you posted make me hungry. Especially that snowcake one :O I'm not a big fan of Lush due to the overwhelming fragrance of the store, but there's this one soap I've always wanted. It's a honey one, nothing special.

    Any favorite products?

    Wish I could help you with your Spring Break dilemma, but I will probably be staying in and playing video games myself...

  9. I love lush! me and my friends are having a lush party at the london store next month:)
    and yeah, i wear the white eyeliner on my waterline, it wakes up my eyes and makes them look more open:)

  10. I love stuff from lush! and lol how can you hate summer, well here we get winter for 6 months and summer for maybe 2, so I love summer!

  11. Lush ALWAYS makes me sneeze. Without fail, every time I walk by the store.

    I only braved it once walking in there, and thought i just might die! Haha maybe I need someone to buy soap for me & deliver it instead.

    ❤ Katherine

  12. These are my two fav soaps from LUSH, I stocked up at Christmas. They smell heavenly :)


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