Thursday, March 10

Puff Paratha - For when you don't have rice!

Did I fulfill a horrible stereotype in my post title... or did I fulfill a horrible stereotype in my title? Please don't be offended. 

So, as a college student, dinners are sometimes more often than not scraped together. Nine times out of ten, I have rice to eat with whatever dish I made. The time that I don't, I eat this. 

It's a kind of Indian flatbread that literally takes a minute to make...after your stove top is hot. If you count the minute it takes for my stove top to heat, it takes two minutes to make. It's a frozen food and it comes in sheets, so you put down a little olive oil, plop this down, and a few minutes later, you're eating! 

I've eaten this as a late night snack, as an entire meal... pretty much anything goes. I found it in my local Asian supermarket.  

In more personal news, my neighbors have been doing repairs. Repairs that woke me up... at nine am last Saturday. And these aren't just a tad distracting, these repairs make the ground shake, they are so loud that I can't hear myself speak... I can't even blast music. Ridiculous. 


  1. Oooh yummy that looks amazing

  2. Haha not at all, I eat rice whenever I can(or when I'm not to lazy to cook rice) but that bread looks like a good substitute since I gave up white rice for lent.

    Ah sorry to hear about the noise you had to deal with, I hated living at my last living arrangement too, it wasn't so much repairs, it was obnoxious people >:(

  3. oh it looks yummy! what a great alternative to rice, I really want to quit eating rice at night ._. and I hope your neighbor would finish up soon, ours are just starting with their repairs, ugh drill in the head!

  4. I saw the title and flipped my shit a little. I didn't even know you knew what these were!! Congratulations, because they are quick and easy and delicious. I would suggest getting the spinach/methi ones next time if they have them.

  5. You are, quite possibly, the cutest person ever. I love how you think you are always being stereotypically insensitive. You're adorable.
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  6. love this much, i use this as pizza base ;)

  7. Che - I think brown rice is a great substitute for white rice.

    Saving Capulet - I've taken to eating apples at night instead of other forms of snacking.

    Mugdha - Picked up the the spring onion ones. Didn't find any spinach ones.

    Bonnie - Haha. Thanks.

    Rita - Pizza base? I'll have to try that.


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