Saturday, March 26

Snow... in Arizona?

What? I didn't say I had pretty hands. I actually don't like the way they look. 

Arizona's been having bipolar weather lately. For a week or so, it would be 90 degrees. Then it will go back down to sixty. Fed up with indecision, I decided to paint this. No matter how cold it gets, Phoenix won't snow, so I made snowflakes on my fingers. This picture was taken before I cleaned it, sorry! 

I used a really old no-name brand of blue and my white striper. To make the snowflake, I started with an asterisk and then made little arrows pointing in on each line of the asterisk. Making a snowflake wasn't incredibly difficult, but it's not a super easy task either. Overall, I think it looks alright, but fingers like my index look more... blob like. 

I also realized something scary... I've been trying to apply for an internship, right? I realize that if I do get one (which I'm desperately hoping for)  I won't be able to paint my nails like this again. No more nail art! I probably won't be able to use the blues, teals and greens in my collections. Summer reds are too flashy; blacks are too unprofessional; I don't look old enough (nor am I old enough) for dark vampy reds. Of course, it'll all depend on where I work... but either way, no more crazy designs. All is not lost though-- I'll probably focus more on what I wear.


  1. I love how you did this. I'm sure I am way too lame to do it as well as you, though.
    The Midwest has been having freaky-deaky weather this week, too. It was friggin' 80 degrees on Wednesday, and it snowed 2 inches on Friday. LAME.
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  2. it snowed in new york a few days ago. its still pretty cold.

  3. Good job on the nail art! I can't even paint my nails in a normal way - let alone add details LOL

  4. Cool nails! Haha the weather here has been crazy your description as "bipolar." In fact, it HAS been snowing here! Agh.
    Oh yes, I do know of the Japanese band by my blog name. How cool is that? There music isn't in my usual genre but I still enjoy it.

  5. very cool nails!!! :)


  6. Love them!! It was awesome to meet you yesterday :)

  7. hello :D new follower here! ^_^

    aww, well if you ever get a vacation, you can always paint your nails with the most adorable decorations :)

    yeah the weather has been crazy here in texas too. the last week felt like summer, and yesterday and today has been pretty chilly!

  8. These are amazing, love how you did the nailpolish! And in Belgium spring has sprung yaaay!!

  9. What is winter in Southern Arizona? There is only summer and not summer. The nails are a nice reminder of places that actually get winter. Cute!

  10. Great job with the nails! And yeah, it totally depends where you intern. I intern for a couture designer which may sound like I have to be super professional, etc. but i can totally wear whatever I want! :) She even likes it! haha!


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