Thursday, April 21

All American Meals

I always ate Chinese food with my family. Always. Now that I live alone... I rarely cook my mother's dishes. She's really, truly awful at giving me directions. 

She'll say something like, "Daughter, you'll want to put this in," then she'll reach for a dark colored liquid in a Gatorade bottle. What is the dark colored liquid? Chinese vinegar? Cooking wine? Soy sauce? Some kind of oil? Flavoring? I have no idea. Why is it in a Gatorade bottle? No clue. How much do I put in? I just have to estimate the stream.

I just can't learn.

So I cook American meals based on recipes I find online. Or in friend's cookbooks. 

But I know really nothing about American food. 

My American friend has an American cookbook and we picked an American meal together. 

 We made mushrooms sauce with entirely too much butter. (This is what happens when you cook with friends who insist that Americans put a cup of butter into their dishes... yuck.) I'm relatively sure that's neither healthy nor correct.

We made pot roast that was a liiiiittle too dry, but pretty good nonetheless. Tenderizing it (or, HAAAAAM PUUUNCH) was very fun.

And we put it all on a plate and drizzled it in sauce. It wasn't bad, just extremely salty.


  1. This looks really good.
    I'm starving right now.
    This doesn't help.
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  2. You should come to Tucson or I will go to Phoenix and I will teach you a few American recipes that do not require a cup of butter. And are not too salty. Or we can just make lots n lots of brownies. I am more of a dessert girl. LOL!

  3. Oh my...I love me some steak and mushrooms and I love me some salt as well. I have leftover steak in the fridge right now that I'll cook up tomorrow!

    I got your message and would love to offer any advice you need. You can email me at cindiwang(at)gmail(dot)com if you have specific questions. I graduated with a degree in accounting and have worked in the industry for 10 years now. I started in cost accounting, moved into public consulting (internal audit) and then went back to industry accounting. I recently just quit my job at a small company because I decided that small businesses isn't my thing. I'm starting a new job at Amazon in the finance department there...mostly working on advertising revenue. Good luck with your interview!!!! I'm curious to hear about it so email me with your updates! :)

  4. Haha true what is up with asian parents and the masterious cooking liquid in random bottles, my mom does that too!

    None the less, I'm not to keen on mushrooms but the meal looks tasty and I'd give you a pat on the back for trying.

    I do wish I could learn to cook like my mom but I know it will be a gradual process and I sympathize that now that I also live alone I don't really eat all the good stuff my mom makes.

  5. It looks very yummy for a beginner cook :D
    Back at the time, my mom sounded just like you to be honest.
    I rather find recipes online, you have tons of it from other amazing bloggers ^__^


  6. "She is just truly awful at giving me directions." HAHAHA! Oh my gollies. That made me laugh. My mother is not so bad at giving directions, but she is awful at giving exact measurements. She's all about the estimating of how much to put, and she'll pass on an instruction like, "laura, put about a bottle-full of this." To which I'll ask, "mom, what size bottle?" "Just a bottle." -_-.

    The mushrooms you made look soooo delicious, though!
    :)hearts, laura♥
    the blog of worldly delights

  7. LOL my mother is like that also. She's like, "anak, put that there *points with lips* in the pan for a short time." Whaaa? We also have random liquids in old mayo and pickle jars.. Ahh, makes me smile.

    I absolutely love mushrooms. LOVEEE them. Your pictures look delicious, it's too bad it came out salty :(


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