Tuesday, April 26

"Apologies" for my "Absence"

Ugh. I used to never understand why people apologized for little absences from their blog. I usually didn't notice their disappearance for a week... or even two. Even if they are the type to respond to every comment, I never noticed that they lapsed on the commenting. But people continued apologizing: for not posting, for not commenting, for doing shorter posts, or for doing picture posts. Sometimes I wonder "Why people are apologizing for something they do for fun... Did you mess up on the number of posts your sponsor required?"

However, having experienced this. I have some new insight. Last weekend I edited my posts and scheduled them to run. Throughout the week, I only looked at my comments and replied to one batch. Over this weekend, I didn't get the time to schedule my posts for this week. I feel like I've missed out on so much! I get this feeling when my old besties tell me they're dating someone. We used to tell each other about every celebrity crush, every "That cute boy said this", every minute detail. Then all of a sudden, they're dating someone and I don't even know how they met. I think when people apologize, they do so cause they've really missed out.

Phone picture, you gotta love them.

I have a picture to share! Over the weekend I made some peep smores. Graham cracker, chocolate, and Peeps! I paid dearly for my Sunday night fun... I woke up Monday morning at 8:06 with a class at 8:30. It was my last class--I had to go!


  1. When I say sorry for ___ in my blog, I think, "Silly me, nobody really cares!" But I think I apologize to myself more, especially when I say I'll blog the next day in a post, then I end up blogging a week later instead.. Oh well, in the end it's all just for fun :)

    Mmm, I haven't had smores in forever. Those look so yummy! I hope those poor, innocent peeps you melted and squished tasted just as good as they look LOL

  2. My grandmother on my father's side passed away even before I was born. For the longest time, I was used to only having my grandpa on my father's side and my grandma on my mother's side. My granpa is now gone and my grandma is struggling with her disease. It is really hard but I guess it's life.

    Regarding your post, there is a part of that that actually understands people being apologetic for not posting. But I also think that when people start being too apologetic towards this is because they have missed the point of a blog and are doing it only as an obligation. I would feel apologetic if I would be absent for a month, for example. But for a couple of days, I don't get it. The thing is that a lot of people lose track of the concept behind a blog. You're supposed to have fun and enjoy this.

    Aww, and the smores look so yummi! :D

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  4. Being cynical right now, people apologize because they think others would have expected them, missed them, and felt disappointed when they don't post. There is a latent egoism, I think.
    But a healthy one?

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  6. I completely know what you mean. I used to think it was ridiculous when people apologized too, but then as I got more into blogging, I started apologizing- mostly meant for blogs I usually frequent and grew a bloggy-friendship with. & You're right, I guess it was feeling like I missed out.

    But lately, I've been trying to just take it easy breezy and keep it fun. Anyways, I love peeps!! But how did those peep s'mores taste? Any good??

  7. they look really yummy :3 and i normally feel rreally bad if im away from the computer for over like 12 hours its pretty sad and depressing XD maybe a bit too obsessive XD

  8. That's such a cute idea with the peeps!

    And I agree with you about the blog apologizing! I try to stop it, as I really doubt too many people notice (and I have a bad habit of over apologizing!) but I still feel the need to do it- more for me. I love blogging and hate when I don't get to do it well.

  9. Peeps in Smores?!? That sounds awesome! I really need to try that :)

  10. hahah ya at some point absence posts are necessary :)
    love love love the peeps smores! so funny!


  11. I agree with the apologizing because I'm more or less guilty of it too but my main thing doing so is because I don't respond to comments and I feel comments are the best way to show appreciation to your blog readers.

    Sometimes we probably get caught up wanting to see our blogs grow but it gets tiresome once it seem more like a hassle trying to put out post after post. Now I really try to blog when I do feel like it and have things to share.

    Regardless I do try to get in and comment on the blogs I read and frequent, and I must say those peep smores look might yummy!

  12. yeah I think it's okay for people not to post for a week if they dont feel like it, blogging should be fun, not an obligation! and those treats you made looks delicious!

  13. Peep smores?? Dude. That's awesome. I totally need to raid Mr. A's stash and try this now.

    I always apologize for my absence from the blogosphere because I make it a point to post every day. I try to be connected to my blog and my followers as much as possible. I guess that is why Twitter was invented, though. I'm always on there.
    Pathetic ... or totally awesome?
    I'm gong totally awesome.

    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  14. i have not an idea what peeps are, but i'm going to assume they are super yum!

    ha, ha, i think i'm kind of a terrible blogger. i tend to read comments, but wait until days later to comment back. though i wouldn't apologize for it.

  15. I saw these on Poppytalk and wanted to try them! Were they good?


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