Saturday, April 23

Black Monster

I was shopping in Dillard's the other day when I happened upon this coat. It looked ridiculous on the rack, so I had to pick it up and try it out. It looks ridiculous on me too. With a coat like this, you've got to be truly fabulous to pull it off. I couldn't do it.

When I'm alone, I try on a lot of clothes that I don't intend on buying. If I do intend on buying something, I try it on many times. This makes me a very paranoid online shopper. I love looking at clothes online, but I've never brought anything online that I didn't first find and try on in stores.

What do you choose to try on? Everything? Nothing? How do you feel about online shopping?

And ... how would you wear this coat?


  1. First of all, thanks for the lovely comment!
    Oh, congratulations! :)

    I do this as well, but only when I am alone! I also need to try everything before buying. That is why I am so reluctant about buying clothes online. It is a shame because a lot of the things are only available online.
    Regarding the coat, it is a really bold piece (not my thing) so if I had to wear it, I would probably do it for a special and fancy ocasion. Wearing it with a black dress or something neutral would be preferable.

  2. Haha, that coat is amazing and totally hilarious! I rarely shop online for clothing or shoes... I buy lots of random stuff on etsy though! I feel like I have to see something in person to really see the color, feel the material and decide if it's a good buy or not.
    Oh, and that coat, I love it, if I was going to Vegas I'd definitely want it... but otherwise I'd never have the balls to wear it out of the house!

    Happy Saturday Pretty Lady!
    <3 MuffinLovesBiscuit

  3. You know who could pull of that coat? Lady Gaga. Or Kurt.

    I wish I were more paranoid about online shopping. When the impulse takes, me I am a horrid one. Sometimes, I don't even check the size chart. Knock on wood, I've yet to order anything that ended up the completely wrong size, but you know...luck.

  4. I hate to try things on when I am shopping, so I love on line shopping!

  5. i like online shopping for as long as im buying things that aren't clothes or shoes! o.o you can't be too sure!!

  6. When i shop with friends, i tend to try on very little and only thing i think i would buy. When i'm shopping alone however, i try on anything because i know i have all the time in the world. As for online shopping, i love it, except the size are always strange. So i stick with buying shirts but never pants since with pants, i MUST try on

  7. this one xDD

  8. hee-hee, i don't have the guts to wear a coat like that. Maybe if I looked like Heidi Klum... I do try on random stuff at times, I think it's FUN!! and btw Aki, Mucho Gracias for the stylish blogger award. I truly appreciate it from the bottom of my heart. I'll do a post on it next week after I've recovered from jet lag. xoxo L

  9. I totally do the same thing! Even if you don't plan on buying it, it's still pretty fun to try it on :D

    And I feel the same about a coat like that. I couldn't pull that off. My friend was trying to find a panda costume for Halloween last year and we came across a coat like that in a vintage shop and I told him he could just wear that.. Hahah.

    Mint & Mellow

  10. I am very hesitant to shop online as well-- mostly bc I like to be able to touch the fabric and see if it's drapey or stiff, etc.

    You could totally rock that, but you have to believe that you can. Add shorts and a rockin' heel!

    Thanks for the visit and your comment :)

  11. I like that coat! But I know what you mean about feeling a certain way before buying/wearing it. I usually try clothes on. Unless I know exactly how it's going to fit or if there is some sort of free shipping deal. Otherwise I'm too cheap to pay for shipping! :O)

    Plus isn't it more fun to try things on?

  12. i think you're rocking this coat! it looks great on you just the way you're wearing it with jeans!

    i love to try on everything. well, that's if i'm NOT with the kiddos. i find it relaxing and find that the things i THINK i'll like usually end up not working but the things that look kinda ugly on the hanger seem to work.

  13. I can't decide if I am appalled by this coat or in love with it. It looks kind of cool -- if you have the correct outfit and attitude of fierceness to go with it.
    I never would have gotten the balls to even try this thing on.
    So congrats.
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  14. That jacket is so DIVVVVAAAA! I personally can't pull it off either. But I'm sure there's someone out there that can.

    When I'm shopping alone, I try anything and everything on. But when I'm with other people, I probably won't try anything 'cause I always feel the pressure of rushing. I always feel bad if the other person is waiting for me.

    Also, I'm addicted to online shopping. I think it's because I like the feeling of getting things in the mail when I least expect it. It's like my birthday all over again.


  15. i TOTALLY think YOU could pull it off ;)

  16. i love having those days when you just go and try everything on :) i love to shop online because it's hard for me to get to stores. but i always make sure i can return it if i dont like how it fits!!
    oh, and you def pull this off!

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  17. i have similar issues sometimes it looks great on the rack and i can imagine an entire outfit but then on me it looks horrible and online the only thing i could buy is shoes because i think the clothes might not fit and don't want to go through the hassle of returning it

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  18. i like your furry coat!looks really cool!


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