Thursday, April 7

The Devil and Sherlock Holmes

I mentioned in this post that I wanted to read during Spring Break, but like so many Spring Breaks, I have no idea where my time went and I only ended up reading this book. I also discovered a lot of books and how... very few of them interest me.
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So, The Devil and Sherlock Holmes was okay. It started off with an absolutely amazing story about the murder/suicide of a Holmesian scholar. And it had the intriguing story of a wrongfully sentenced arsonist. A few of the weaker stories in there included one on diggers/construction workers/ sandhogs in New York and  a baseball player that refused to quit. I didn't know until the very last story in the book that these stories were all published before in the New Yorker. The short story essay format appealed to me as did the non-fiction aspect. I felt like I learned something after reading it. 

If all that sounds like it's up your alley, I'd recommend it. If not, then you should probably pass.  

And I really gotta share this story that happened to me the other day. So, Sunday morning, I woke up and I dug in my fridge for a little bit. I didn't find anything good to eat. So I decided to go to the grocery store (don't worry, the story picks up). I got a carton of Silk Almond Vanilla flavored milk (this is not the part of the story where it picks up). Then a woman approaches me and hands me a card (this is where it's picking up). She tells me that she sensed my aura from afar. She told me that the man I'm with is keeping something from me. That I don't really know who he is and that he's lying to me because he doesn't want to risk our relationship falling apart. We stood in the middle of the aisle and she continued to talk to me about how my mind is weak and how I don't have enough strength for about half an hour. Very strange.

Has anything like that happened to you? 


  1. Hilarious! I thought this story was going to end up being like the time the "adult" photographer approached me in the grocery store, asked if I was 18, and then handed me his business card. CREEPY!

  2. that is so weird! I guess she's got to advertise somehow though haha... telling someone everything in their life is going wrong is probably not the best method though ;)

  3. that is weird and scary at the same time. specially for someone like me who believes in auras and stuff...freaky!

  4. That is really weird. You should have recommended she see your mother for acupuncture. Right up her alley, probably, haha.

  5. OMG that's so scary! Never met someone like that, and I hope it will never happen!

  6. This sounds weird as Hell.
    I want to read it.
    I like effed up crap.
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  7. I always have a bunch of things I want to do or catch up on over Spring Break (or any break), but I never do any of them. That book sounds really interesting though!

    That's so creepy about what that woman said to you. Kind of fascinating. And maybe she's just really BSing you. Maybe not. Out of curiosity, do you think anything about what you were wearing gave her a clue that you had a guy in the first place?

    Also, thanks so much for the advice about my little issue.. You brought up a lot of good points. I think I've got it figured out for now.. But I really, really appreciate what you said.

  8. nope but i've heard a lot of "fortune tellers" scam people by saying vague things like that. most people have issues of trust with someone they know and when they say "their hiding something from you" their customers fall for it hook line and sinker.

  9. When I was probably a year old, my mom and I were approached at the grocery store by a lady wearing purple lipstick who rubbed her hands all over my (bald) head and remarked upon how full of light I was, that I would be "a mother, a sister, a daughter" etc etc etc. My mom told her to GTFO.


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