Thursday, April 14

Money makes the world go round.

And yet, it's the root of all evil? 

... Evil makes the world go round? 

Remember that formula from middle school that said something about money being the root of all evil, then linked it to girls wanting money and concluded that girls were the root of all evil? 

Well. I do. 

Money is really important. Money can't buy happiness. But money can buy things that bring happiness. I suppose that point is debatable. 

I don't work right now (yes, lucky me), but I want to. More than that, I want an internship this summer. 

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(And if it's not too much to ask, I want to work somewhere where people smile. I want to work somewhere where awards aren't hung up crookedly in the corner. I want to work somewhere where people say please and thank you. I want to work somewhere where people don't wear jeans.) 

I'm studying accounting in school right now, so if you happen to know of any positions in the Phoenix area, I'd really appreciate it!

The 7% Solution: Apply!*

*But to be clear, I've started applying much sooner than mid-April.


  1. Good luck on getting an internship!
    I am always looking for the "perfect" job (which is basically what you just described), and I have yet to find it.
    It's harder than it seems.
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  2. Good luck! :)
    I'm still in college (I'll be graduating this year) and I'm currently going through an internship. Honestly, it has been really hard. Not the work itself, but the way people treat me and all the dramas that they are able to find in order to screw me. Well, I guess this is the most certain thing when it comes to jobs and internships. We need to be ready to face a little bit of drama! x)

  3. Funny you should say you want to work where people say please and thank you - I went to Chipotle last weekend and the guy behind the counter teased me because I kept saying please and thank you. Apparently, he never hears please or thank you from customers. Sad, right?

  4. I hope you're able to find a job that really makes you happy! The whole job-searching thing is still foregin to me as I've never had a real job besides baby-sitting, but I know when I do get a job eventually my list of requirements will be similar to yours!

  5. good luck with the internship! :) I hope you end up doing whatever makes you satisfied!

  6. oh good luck girl! im sure the perfect internship is just waiting for you out there!

  7. omg we're so similar in a lot of things I don't work either , I studied accounting, I want to work in a place where people wear tweed not jeans
    thank you for your comment on my blog :))

  8. yes girl, this semester for me is going by pretty fast! pretty soon i will be in the same dillema as you as far as finding/doing internship :/.

    i was using a friend's laptop when i uploaded my photos and she had this fancy photo software where she was able to manipulate my photos to have the dreamy fuzzy effect hehe. :D

  9. You have quite an interesting blog! Good luck with your aspirations :D


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