Saturday, April 9

A New Jacket, Part 5

I got it, guys. After parts 1, 2, 3, and 4, I finally got it. It's none of the things I mentioned before. =)

I got a sweatshirt. From school. Now everyone knows what school I go to, but whatever.

So you see how long the sleeves are on me? The first time I wore this sweatshirt in front of my mother she grabs at it and goes "It's too small for you!" Now, I understand why I have clothes I'll never, ever fit into. 

I've searched for this piece of outerwear for three months! Now that I've finally got it, it's really time to put it away because it's already a hundred degree weather.


  1. Heheh so cute! I love your boots!

  2. oh cute ensemble and i just love your boots so much!

  3. My goodness! 100 degree weather? It just broke 50 here in Ohio! You are truly so very lucky...

    Thanks ever so much for stopping by my blog! I appreciate it so very much :)

  4. I bet, good old Arizona. Love the sweater, I love all things ASU.

    Write it in Lipstick

  5. I love school sweaters! I wish I can wear them again but people might think I am pathetic (it's been forever since I was in school heheheh), not to mention that I didn't have any school sweater as I went to school in a tropical country...and even if I had one, it probably won't fit anymore since my size had expanded muchhhh

  6. Holy cow - it's a 100 degrees?!? Sheesh, I thought our 87 degree weather was hot! I think it's hilarious that your mom thinks this is too small - my mom likes larger items on me too - keeps thinking I'll grow into it (which to be fair will happen during pregnancy but not under normal circumstances) :)

  7. yay for school sweaters! i have over 10+ sweaters from my school & im constantly lounging around in them. btw, i just realized i havent been following you this whole time. shame on me! xx

  8. Whoo whoo way to represent your school! I have two from SDSU but they're kind of pointless to wear in HI since it's so hot here as well. BTW I like your jeans and boots too, they look cute together :)

  9. Hello Laura!
    Thank you for visiting my blog and leaving me a comment. I really appreciate it! I was really impressed by your blog and I ended loving the way you experience your blog (but mainly, your life).
    My walls are all tan as well, my bedroom was the big exception. I ended up choosing the colors that I really wanted. ^^
    And your sweater is really cute!

  10. Loooove your boots. I don't have any college sweatshirts.. Only like two fitted tees (both gifted) and a bunch of free unisex tees that are very unflattering. Hoodie/sweatshirt sleeves are usually really long on me too :(

    That's too bad that it's too hot to wear it now that you found it!


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