Saturday, May 21

Five Guys: Burgers and Fries

 I haven't been to this restaurant until recently. It's a west coast chain.The first time I mentioned it, the person I was talking to went on for five continuous minutes on how amazing it was. The other day, I went home and took my little brother out for a meal. We have a habit of eating unhealthy American food together.

As you can see, the restaurant is formatted like an old fashioned diner. The cooking areas are generally open. Depending on what you order, the cashier shouts "one patty!" or "two patties" back and they put your meat on the grill them.

As you can also see, this place is a death trap for anyone with a peanut allergy. They use peanut oil in their cooking and they have boxes and boxes of peanuts out in the open for free. If you're into that. I really dislike nuts.

Five Guys specializes in affordable burgers that are yummy!

 Look at that juicy deliciousness!

And do they add things inside for free? You bet they do!

That's my little brother's hand.

My brother had to have an order of fries, but I found their fries to be only average.

In conclusion,  if you're out at the mall and want a quick lunch, if it's 9pm and you've got the munchies or if you just want a quick dinner, this is absolutely the place to go. Now I find myself craving one.


  1. Oh my gosh, this post killed me! I'm currently stranded outside the city and very hungry right now, haha. I would chop off my hair for one of those burgers, they look SO good! Too bad we don't have that chain around these parts. <3

  2. Everyone says this place is better than In and Out and no no no way it is now that I know it has tons of peanut products, I'm allergic :( Guess I won't be going to this place anytime soon and the burgers and fries look so good too.

  3. It looks so tasty! :)
    Here in Portugal we have a healthier alternative (which was created to fight against Macdonal's). It is called H3 and it was a project created by two portuguese friends, who wanted to create a gourmet option that is obviously more healthy.

  4. Love it! Thank u for your comment!! Come and see the new post :) let´s follow each other! Beso from Buenos Aires

  5. Yummy food! And nice place!

  6. I thought Five Guys was a east coast chain? Perhaps I was wrong! I ate there
    for the first time this year too, only in Boston. I definitely did a In n' Out vs. Five Guys battle in my head--In n' Out still won though. But Five Guys got its own thing going for sure!
    You should try the other kind of fries they have next time.

  7. How very ironic... I just visited Kent State yesterday and saw a Five Guys resturaunt and had never seen one before. How funny to see that you have posted about it now!

    Looking at all this food makes me hungry...

  8. I like your blog and this post ♥

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  9. Sounds pretty good. I've seen a few here on the East Coast as well, I didn't know it was a nation-wide chain. Will have to try it sometime!

  10. We have a Five Guys out here in the midwest too! We also recently got a Smashburger. I actually prefer Smashburger bc they have fried pickles :)

  11. Great post. Love your blog. Can we follow each other?


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