Wednesday, May 18

Four Week Challenge: Matilda Style Inspiration

The other night, Matilda was on TV. I learned that my brother had never seen the movie, and as a fan of both the movie and the book, I decided to watch it. And make him watch it. 

I fell in love with the charm of the movie all over again. Take this scene for example!

via fanpop

We know Miss Honey's poor, but wouldn't you kill to join that tea party? I would! She lives in such a charming, rustic cottage.

And Matilda! Seriously. If reading a lot gave you psychokinesis... I bet I would still do it. I used to sit with my spoon in a bowl of cereal and try to make it move. And despite her young age, Matilda is quite the little style inspiration! Notice her trademark bow and her peter pan collar in the picture above. She dresses her age, but it's... so cute.

In order to complete the Inspiration challenge for week one, I drew from her.  

Week 1 (May 16th - May 22nd): Inspiration: TV & Movies - For the first week, you will draw the inspiration for your outfits from your favorite television and movie characters. For more info on the Inspiration challenge, check out this post!

Headband: Cloth Scrap (Left over)
Shirt: XXI (Unknown)
Dress: Divided by H&M (Thrifted for $10)
Shoes: Antionio Melani (Old)
Book: Sherlock Holmes (OF COURSE!)

I look really young in this outfit, but I think I did Matilda justice by carrying a book.

I would like to leave you with a few clips from the the infamous cake scene. My inner glutton loves this scene.


  1. This was seriously one of my favorite movies and books of my childhood. Thank you for this post<3

  2. Ohmygod, this movie. I cannot even tell you how many times I watched this movie growing up. We had it on tape. Matilda is the ultimate everything-inspiration. What a classy gal! A+ post (and outfit).

  3. Oh, I remember this movie so well! It's times like these that make me miss my childwood so much. I can't wait to see the next week's outfits! This one is absolutely lovely! :)

  4. Cute! I was always such a huge fan of Matilda!

  5. This is adorable! I love her... whatever happened to that little actress? I'll have to imdb her.

  6. aw, I loved this book and movie... although I saw the movie when i was reaaaally little and it made me cry when all the other kids were mean to her. lol... so great though, and such a cute idea for style inspiration! this challenge looks really interesting.. i just might partake :)

  7. I remember seeing this movie when I was young, and it made me cry. And it gave me nightmares.
    Looking back, I have no idea why.
    Your style interpretation is friggin' adorable and totally perfect. You look great in this outfit.
    I'm super excited to follow this challenge!
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  8. Thanks for stopping by my blog!

    I loved Matilda as a child! Your outfit was perfect!

  9. This is such an adorable idea for an outfit theme. I LOVED Matilda... she made me want to read forever and ever:) I think I even tried to convince my mom I should fill up a wagon at the library:P

    Thanks for coming by my blog and leaving your wonderful comment 'good luck with the world'. It made me smile:)

    Now following.

  10. You look amazing! Also who doesn't love Matilda?! It was a smart idea to have an outfit inspired by the movie :)


  11. What a cute idea!! Matilda is still one of my favorite movies definitely. I will always remember the chocolate cake scene when I eat chocolate cake.

    I'm your newest follower! :)


  12. omg I love this movie! I love where you drew your fashion inspiration from ;) Cute look :D

  13. Thank you so much for joining the 4 Week Challenge with me! :)

    This outfit is adorable! Matilda was one of my favorites as a kid and seeing your outfit definitely brought back memories. :) I think you definitely pulled it off - the headband, the dress, everything is perfect! Love how you included the Sherlock Holmes book as well. ;)

    I can't see what else you come up with for the other challenges!

  14. I was obsessed with that movie when I was young! Excellent interpretation...right down to the headband :)

  15. i love matilda! i remember being so fond of it while growing up, you really captured her here, smart, funny and cute <3


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