Wednesday, May 25

Four Week Challenge: Wild Card....

I'm participating in Peachy Keen's Four Week Challenge. Check here for information about the challenge and how you can do join. Last week, were were supposed to take inspiration from television and movies. I was inspired by Matilda! Specifically, Matilda and Miss Honey; for my posts last week, check here and here.

The inspiration this week is wild card. From 5/23 to 5/29, you're supposed to choose what inspires you. For me, the wild card is "formality". Yeah, I'm not really going outside of any comfort zones here. Whenever I think I look "nice", I just look dressed up. I'm in the business school and I always get asked if I have an interview or a presentation. If I could, I would wear cardigans, heels and pencil skirts all day.

 Headband: Actually a necklace! (Given by a friend)
Cami: Charlotte Russe (Old)
Shirt: Charlotte Russe (Old)
Jacket: Liz Baker (Old)
Jeans: Levi (Old)
Shoes: Dexter by Payless (22.99)

I guess this outfit would be my best attempt at dressy casual (so I won't get asked if I have a presentation.) I throw jeans on. This huge jacket I'm using as a blazer is a jacket my mom brought me when I was 14. She told me I would grow into it. Clearly haven't.

Since "formality" is the theme of the week, look forward to professionalism rules, part two! For a refresher, you can read part one here.


  1. I love the little top. Very girly, but formal and cute.

  2. Lovely outfit, classy and simple! The shoes are beautiful!


  3. how clever using the necklace as a headband! It looks lovely!
    the blog of worldly delights

  4. I looove this outfit!!! You look so lovely!!!

  5. simple, yet classy look! love it.

  6. This is lovely! The headband is extremely pretty! Pearls always give that classy touch to everything. ^^

  7. oh my gosh! I squealed when I saw your headband, totally major cuteness!

  8. lovely as always! super like it!

  9. what an amazing blog...
    the pictures are fantastic... ;)
    if you want we could follow each other...
    let me know..


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