Friday, May 27

Professionalism, part 2

I posted some rules of professionalism here and... you guys had a lot to add. So, here's part two.
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1. Professional, down to the tip of your nails! I've only recently gotten into painting my nails so I  am a tad new to this. This tip is brought to you by a. She says, "no nail design whatsoever. neutral/clear/nude nails only". 

I'd like to expand and say if you're having issues with your nails, an infection, nail bed splitting, uneven lines or anything like that, a very subdued pink that compliments your skin tone may be appropriate as well. I've worn Sinful Color's Vacation Time on my nails during professional events. I posted a picture of the bottle here before. 

If you think that people don't notice what's on your fingernails... you're wrong. Once, I wore a Valentine's Day Manicure to a career fair (where you meet recruiters and hand your resume out). As I was handing my resume in, a recruiter literally grabbed my hands and asked if I did my own nails. She liked it, but I think if it were an older woman or a man, I would have definitely had my resume put in a different section. 

The dress code for my summer internship is casual, so I'm thinking of painting my nails plain colors (pink, coral) and sticking with no nail designs. Then I'll see if I can include bolder colors like red.

2. You can retain your personality. This tip is brought to you by Bonnie. She says, "The key is to find ways to make them [outfits] super fun and cute while retaining the professionalism. I live in blazers, but I dress them up with bright colors underneath and fierce-ass shoes."

In the comments of the last post, a lot of you expressed your distaste for business casual/business professional wear.  This is not the first time I've heard such complaints. Luckily, for me, dressing this way is already in my personality, but what about people who don't like it? A lot of people express themselves through the clothes they wear, but when you can't rock your usual style, you can still express your personality. Because, you know, it's your personality. Not your clothes' personality!

3.Walking that fine... Business/Business Casual/Casual line. Most people don't go to work in a suit everyday. It's a very "special occasion" deal. Business Casual though, happens a lot more often. While business casual is for sure not a full suit or flip flops and shorts, some interpret business casual to mean jeans, others would blanch at the suggestion of jeans. There's a east coast, west coast difference as well as a upper management/associate difference.
I honestly have not figured this out. The tips I've read have served me well though. I overdress a bit for the first day and I observe what coworkers wear.

4. Lastly, I'd like to leave a tip for the interns! As an intern, you want to be remembered or the job that you do, not the clothes that you wear. Don't be the intern that carries the 9000 dollar purse, or wears sky high heels. Don't be the intern, who wore yoga pants to work one day or didn't shower. Do be the enthusiastic intern who took an interest in the job and was always helpful! 

As always, this information is always industry specific. If you have any disagreements, or more tips, please comment below!I really appreciate it!


  1. These are fabulous tips! I think with the nails, it's the same as dress. Always be cautiously over-careful at the beginning and observe. I think a neutral or skin tone's good for the first week or so, and then if you see that everyone seems to be rockin' whatever nails they want, go for the brighter colors or designs!

  2. Heyyyy, you cited me!!! YAY. Famous.
    These are brilliant tips. I think that a lot of people need help deciding what is professional and what is not. It's important that we talk about these things because someone will always have a tip or advice that you haven't thought of. There is a wide range for the definition of "professional," and it is important to decipher what your job's definition is before you push any boundaries.
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  3. I honestly counld'nt agree more with you! You said it all!!!! Everyone should read this post of yours, seriously!

    Chez Carolinette

  4. I loved these tips! You should definitely do a series about this topic. ^-^

  5. lovely skirt! i am in love with your blog i am following you now please follow back :)

  6. thank you :))

    great post and have a great weekend!

  7. In one month I'll graduate as an osteopath (like a chiropracter) and I'm gonna have to wear uniform all day, all week, all year :( not looking forward too it. Nails may be my only way out to bring some color, but since i work with my hands, not such a good idea. I guess in weekends I'll have to go totally crazy with my outfits to make up for it :)

  8. That Skirt is AMAZING!
    And all of your tips are so good!

  9. I actually adore dressing for work ^_^ It's business formal 90% of the time but I like wearing splashes of bright color with colorful blouses~ I love that skirt btw! The little folds make it so unique~

  10. great skirt!! thanks for stopping by my blog again!! see ya soon!!

  11. I love the last advice! I've been interning for this couture designer, Colleen Quen for awhile now and whenever I see new interns that are wearing crazy outfits, it's like, seriously? can you even work in that?

  12. gorgeous skirt

  13. I noticed that but I never got to thank you for following me! So here it is my "thank you"! :)
    Besides, thank you so much for your comment! I feel extremely blessed for having a place where I can talk comfortably about my life. I am someone who is naturally reserved. Normally, I keep my problems all to myself. That's probably why I have these breakdowns. However, I am lucky enough to have good "listeners" here, which always leave me with such important words. Thank you for that!

  14. Great post! I may need to refer back to this someday (:


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