Tuesday, May 10

Throw it all in.

This is a recipe I originally learned about from Ginger at Pretty Little Thing. And like all the  recipes I choose, it's fast and easy.

I went to my local Asian supermarket to grab some noodles and boiled them while I was browning my meat. After the noodles were done, I combined the two and added some veggies. Sesame oil is the only MUST flavoring ingredient. I've done this dish with rice wine too.

Just remember that this is not 1 meal! I made that mistake and was out of commission for the day once.

I've got an awkward situation to tell you all about. A bit of a back story. I live in an apartment complex and there are a few wild cats here. My next door neighbor, a young lawyer with a bluetooth implanted in his brain, adopted one of these cats. ...He kind of adopted one. I think the proper term is that it's an outdoor cat. The thing is though, the kitty really loves the bushes by my apartment. He's scared my mom a few times-she's horrified of cats. And I'm pretty sure he affects my allergies (which is a huge part of why I dislike cats). In addition to that though, the kitty howls by my window. It's that stereotypical Halloween cat screech. Sometimes, he'd do it all night long. I'm thinking that he may be a she and she may be in heat? Kitty experts, help me out here. 

So, I have this large window facing this grass ditch that people rarely walk through. I'm sitting there, reading blogs on my laptop at the coffee table and I hear the lawyer neighbor get home. (I live facing a parking lot too. Fun.) He starts going "Here kitty, here kitty" and trying to get the kitty to go in his home. The large bush by my window rustles. Next time I know, the guys is RIGHT next to my window, trying to get his cat from under the bush. And I? Let's just say it's a hot Arizona day, AC is expensive and I am not wearing appropriate clothing. I slowly grab a pillow from the couch. I don't even know if the guy noticed me but then he proceeds to get on all fours on the grass, in his suit and calls for his cat. And then he leaves. I'm pretty much never saying hi to him again.


  1. wow! the food looks absolutly delicios! following you now!!


  2. Hmm. Well. There is a chance that he saw you being indecently dressed. But I think if he did, he probably would have had a bit more of a reaction. From my experience with menfolk, that is.

  3. As simple as this is, I bet I am still too stupid to make it.

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  4. LOL the guy went on all fours in his suit? that is just weird, awkward, and embarrassing to see.

  5. Mmm, looks SO delicous! I just ate dinner, yet this still makes me crave food so badly right now, hehe! :)

  6. The noodle looks fantastic and now I am imagining a lawyer in suit on all fours...

  7. soooo yummy........love food! keep posting! :)

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  8. YUMMI!


  9. looks good ! Im hungry now ! :)

    nice blog by the way , original !


  10. i'm no cat expert, but it does sound like she's in heat. and as far as i know, that will stick around until she's either a) pregnant, or b) fixed.

    good luck with that one. :)

  11. Mmmm, the noodles look yummy! Gotta love those quick stir-fry style dinners! And yeah, I'm pretty sure the cat is in heat. I have a few friends who own cats and they tell me stories about how their lady cats will yowl and yowl and yowl while in heat. Sorry that you had to experience not only the cat, but also the guy potentially seeing you in your skivvies! Yikes!

  12. Hi! I think it's probably a female cat, they're mostly the ones that can cry all night long. Hopefully your neighbor didn't see you :s

    Oh and thanks for visiting my blog, it means a lot, and thanks for the idea on color blocking, I really want to see what else I can match them with.


  13. Mmm, that looks so frickin' good!

    And your lawyer scandal had me lol-ing. Sounds like something I'd do! At least you had the pillow handy. :)

  14. i made something similar to that before. it was so good. thanks for reminding me!


  15. Welll...maybe he was too distracted by the cat to notice?
    Those noodles look really good!

  16. LOL maybe he did see you, ahh well I'm sure he will pretend he didn't see anything if you guys catch each other outside, if he was normal! :)

  17. Haha oh my goodness! I'm scared of cats too and that sounds like my absolute worst nightmare, especially with awkward moments with the neighbors... you're a braver girl than me!
    This stir fry looks absolutely delicious

  18. Yeek at the accidental peeping tom! It's 91 degrees and humid here (I have AC on but set to 80 bc I'm cheap) - I don't wear appropriate clothing either LOL.

    Yummy looking noodles!

  19. lol - is he a cute lawyer??

  20. I think it looks delicious!



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