Thursday, May 5

Wei of Chocolate

I love chocolate, but I am not a chocolate connoisseur. I buy my chocolate on sale on dates like November 1st and February 15th. I got a haul of some white chocolate eggs, some peeps and some marshmallow eggs after Easter.

But I love all sorts of chocolate. Recently, I was introduced to Wei  of Chocolate.  I first heard about them when the Arizona Blogger Meet Up brought me to central Phoenix's farmer market. Wei of Chocolate had a booth and I had a short chat with a representative who he gave me a few chocolate samples. Since I was with a group of bloggers, he informally asked me to write about the company. So I am. =)

According to their website, Wei of Chocolate is devoted to creating a sublime experience through chocolate, to balance body & mind.They have a lot of interesting information their website about how the company came to be, but I just kinda just want to talk about the chocolate. As you can see, Wei has a few different flavors. 

Wei Gratitude is chai-infused. Wei Love is chili-infused. Cafe Wei is espresso-infused. Wei Joyful is citrus -infused. Wei Dark is darker chocolate and Wei Relaxed has interesting properties for rest and better sleep! I only tried three flavors. 

 I had Wei Chai. I love anything Chai so I had to have it. It was crunchy, sweet, as I like my candy, but not overly so. The taste of Chai was heavy. I loved it. I also had Wei Espresso, which wasn't too different from Chocolate Covered Expresso beans I've had from Starbucks. The last piece I tried was Wei Citrus. Knowing my love for citrus and chocolate but my hatred for citrus combined with chocolate, this would really make or break my experience. Wei Citrus was tasty, it was mostly chocolate, but had that light citrus flavor--something natural and subtle, not like the citrus syrup I usually get. 

It's yummy! Check it out!

Also, have a great Cinco de Mayo while I take some finals.  


  1. Don't tempt with me this right now. I could really use some chocolate. I guess I have to settle for Twizzlers.
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  2. ommmggg!! Chocolate infused with chai sounds AMAZING!!! Thanks for introducing me to this! And you should definitely check out the shopping in Vegas :) They actually have the biggest H&M in the world :)

  3. Mm, mm, white chocolate. Have you ever tried Hershey's cookies 'n cream bars? OMG delish!

  4. Let's open a "Tao of Toasts".

  5. I tried a sample at a Saturday market, and (though pricey!) it is delicious!

  6. great food and pics in your blog! <3

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  7. uh...all that chocolate makes me want to have some chocolate! yum! i really love those chocolate covered marshmallows from Easter. delicious!

  8. Definitely will have to try this out if I get a chance :)

  9. Sam - The biggest H&M in the world? Hoooooly... Planning a Vegas trip now!

    Jenny - Will we get Yun to run it?

    Miss Kwong - Thank you!

    Claire - Chocolate covered marshmallows ... they're my weakness.

    Giselle - Let me know what you think if you do!

  10. ooh food & fashion! Your blog is amazing haha! Thanks for checking mine out btw



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