Thursday, May 26

Wet n Wild Wild Shine Red Red

So, this polish was highly polarizing for me. I got it because I didn't only any bright reds. Since I loved some aspects about this polish but was abhorred by others, I'll separate this one into a pro/con list.

- The price. It was 99 cents. Can't really beat that! Plus, WnW is a brand that is quite often on sale.
- The opacity. Seriously. Holy Opacity Batman. In the pictures you see... It's one coat. ONE. You rarely get that with cheapie polishes.

- Lasting power. I was a bit messy with application the first time and so I waited until I took a shower to take a picture. After coming out of my shower, my polish was chipped. Not just a little chipped either, but a few days of wear chipped. It's nothing that a top coat can't fix. Interestingly enough, the wear is much longer on my toes, in spite of squeezing my feet into tight heels.

- The formula is a bit on the liquid side. It was more than I was used to, but you may prefer your polishes to have this quality.
- The shine. Perhaps it was because I only did one coat, but there wasn't a lot of shine coming from the polish. I think I might call it more of a creme? But again, with a top coat, the problem is solved.

Overall, I still really like this. But the only question is... does this shade of red match my skin tone? Let me know!


  1. i think red is a great shade for all skin types..nice review. thanks.

  2. That's a lovely red color! I own a WnW polish and realized it did chip easily as well with one coat so I do suggest putting 2. It definately lasted twice as long. :D
    Cheers deb.

  3. wow! i love how it covered your nails like that with just one coat! definitely a steal

  4. Thank u for your comment!! Love from buenos aires

  5. Red nails are always sexy and stylish!
    Love your blog!

  6. It's such a pretty color and it looks great with your skin tone so no worries :-) xoxoxoo

  7. I recommend: OPI's Cha-Ching Cherry. OPI's nail polish is super pretty and lasts for ages.

    The only downside is that it's about $8 per bottle. But totally worth it.

  8. That shade of red looks good on you. Red always looks good and spices up any outfit

  9. that is a very pretty red, so good for summer. it looks like it matches your skin tone quite well

  10. I agree, can't beat the the price of WnW polish and yep they're a bit on the liquidly side. I think the red suits but but somehow I thing a tad bit darker red would look lovely on you.

  11. Thanks for your comment.

    Love your blog. Can we follow each other?

  12. hi Aki,
    How are are you? I missed a lot of your posts. Well, luv your mani today! Nice!

  13. I think this colour is great on you. Fab price too!


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