Sunday, June 5

Four Week Challenge: Pink

Remember when I showed you my trip to the Fox Concept Restaurant yesterday? I dressed up to go there and I thought that that outfit would fit the challenge perfectly. The color for Peachy Keen's Four Week Challenge is pink! For my other outfits for the Four Week Challenge, click here.

 Dress: City Triangle (Super Old)
Cardigan: Ann Taylor Loft (Old)
Shoes: Alex Marie (Very Old As Well)

I'm sorry I don't have the prices for everything, but I only started keeping track about last year and I know that the dress at least is more than four years old. I remember wearing it to graduation my junior year of high school.

What's the average age of your closet?


  1. I have some items that I have worn since high school, and I graduated five years ago. Some of them are about 6 or 7 years old. I just can't part with them, though. They still fit and look great, so I am keeping them!
    I love this dress. It is so feminine looking, and the details are gorgeous.
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  2. Aww, you are so elegant on this outfit! I love everything about it!
    I have some items that are really old, some of them are actually vintage pieces :)

  3. lovely outfit!! beautiful dress <3

  4. That is such a beautiful dress! The shoes pair perfectly too.


  5. Looks great to me!

  6. Hmm...I still keep some old favorites...they can be as long as 5-10 yrs...

  7. Cute dress - I like the little peek-a-boo of netting at the hem!

  8. i love your white blazer! at first i thought the watermark was a tattoo down your arm lol. xx

  9. Thank u for the sweet comment! Come and see the new post.. Love from buenos aires.

  10. Love this dress! My motto on clothes keeping is that as long as they still fit and are age-appropriate, I will keep/wear them.

  11. cute outfit~~~but really??? get bit????id killed myself(seriously) if i got bit my a zombie~~~lol


  12. That dress is beautiful and the jacket tops it off perfectly!
    I think the average age of my wardrobe is probably about 4-5. I really need to go shopping!


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