Tuesday, June 14

I'm gonna marry this sauce.

Okay, fine, it doesn't look amazing there (in fact, I realize that it looks kinda gross, but that's just because I had to squeeze it out and there's not a lot left.) But this stuff is great; it's sweet and salty and literally goes with EVERYTHING. I can put it on any type of meat and it's instantly tasty. It provides all the flavor I need for any veggies.

The other day I choose to eat it with asparagus.

The asparagus was just boiled until edible and the sauce was squirted out. I ate this instead of chips. Yeah. That's healthy. I've also boiled some Chinese lettuce (not sure exactly what it is, sorry, I lack vegetable identification skills) and drizzled a combination of this sauce and water on it. Goodness, that was yummy too.

You can find it in your local Asian grocery story and use it to make any dish--especially if you're not feeling like anything fancy.


  1. me too! love that sauce. i usually dip hmm.. bean sprouts i think they're called? at pho with that sauce. people always think i'm weird!

  2. I can't read food posts cause the next second I am running to my kitchen to eat something! It sounds delicious. ^^

  3. i've never tried that before 0_0 it looks yummy tho heheh

  4. I took note of this, if it can help me eat my greens, then it is a must have!!

  5. i love hoisin sauce! especially when i'm hot potting

  6. yumm! :) looks lovely!


  7. They make Hoisin Sauce in upside down bottles now? I guess I'm too used to seeing it in a nondescript squeeze bottle XD

  8. oh em gee, i love hoisin sauce. Just boil some greens and top it with that stuff. yum, yum, yum!
    ♥ laura
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  9. I have this sauce but never used it for some reason.

    I am more a fan of oyster sauce and xo sauce, yummy!!! I can incorporate that into so many dishes!

    Hehe, notice how excited I get when I talk about food. :)

    The Cat Hag

  10. so fun, want to try this sauce :D
    xx the cookies
    share the feeling
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  11. I love it for Vietnamese spring rolls! :)

  12. Oh, my sister would just love this sauce! She's Chinese and loves to put sauce and hot sauce on just about anything...

    Thank you ever so much for all of the lovely comments you leave me! :D

  13. Amen, sister. That was the only sauce in my room during the first two years of college. It helped me eat so many cafeteria veggies and meats.

  14. Hoisin! I know this sauce. But my house uses more oyster sauce than this. It’s about 1am here and I’m so hungry now that even asparagus with hoisin looks so delicious.

  15. I agree , this sauce goes with everything !=)haha



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