Thursday, June 16

New Curling Iron

I got my haircut in mid march and I've been wanting something new again. The last time I considered a hair cut, I posted a ton of images. After all that pondering, I only got my hair trimmed an inch. No one could tell. 

Over the last weeks, I've been watching a lot of hair videos online. I wanted a change in my hair, but I wasn't sure what I wanted exactly. The videos were pretty inspiring. All those girls had curling irons of different barrel widths and I knew that that was the change I needed. 

So, after a little bit of research, I shelled out for a curling iron. I think this was about 20 bucks. 

 I definitely think I got my money's worth. This is a ton easier to use than my mother's curling iron. When I first got it, I used it every day. Now, I barely touch it. 

Even though it is fast to use, I usually wake up and go. Most days, I don't even brush my hair--it is straight enough that brushing it doesn't do much. Adding a fifteen to twenty minute hair routine to my fifteen to twenty minute get up, get dressed, put on makeup and get breakfast routine... is just too much. 

Do you guys have any tips and tricks for curlers? 
Any summer hairstyles I should try with a curling iron?


  1. Every time I have tried using a curling iron, I have burned either my hand or my face.
    I don't use curling irons anymore.
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  2. I'm the worlds laziest person in the morning. I have my routine broken up in to three 10 minute increments so I only have to wake up 30 minutes before I have to be out the door. If one thing goes wrong, I'm totally screwed.

    If I know I'm going to want to wear my hair curly the next day sometimes I'll curl it the night before, but instead of letting go of the curl and letting it fall loose I keep it coiled once it comes off the barrel of the iron and then pin it to my head to keep it in place. You can do this in a bunch of tiny sections or in 8 (<=I think this is the perfect number for this) larger sections and just separate the curls in the morning.

    You'll want to use something to set it - I use some flexible hold hairspray from Big Sexy Hair.. I can't remember the exact name. You can even put a scarf around your head (after the hairspray has dried) to make sure things stay extra neat.

    I think a cute summer do is 'Day Two' of curling ironed hair (that is, if you don't wash your hair every day), where the curls have kind of fallen and it's more or less just messy waves - kind of beach hair looking. When my hair is like that I love to do a side ponytail or messy side bun and add a flower clip for insta-kyoooooot.

    /end longest comment ever ;)

  3. I never do anything with my hair so I'm not very good at it lol. You should do a post if you use your new curling iron though, I'd love to see how it turned out!
    Oh, and I tagged you with a couple of blog awards =)

  4. Great to hear you like it so much! I don't own a curling iron. My hair is naturally curly, so all I ever do is straighten mine, but I do like the look of the natural, loose waves type of hair lol

  5. Ooh, I've been in the market for a curling iron. I'll have to check this one out - thanks!

  6. thank you for your sweet comment :)

  7. OOO this looks great. You'll have to show us some pics of the result.


  8. i love a curling iron though it never seems to hold my girls. maybe cuz my hair is so heavy? honestly, i'm lucky if i actually brush my hair too! i'm a wash and go type of girl.

  9. oh deaar! I need this in my life!! ;A;

  10. I will have to check this one out.


  11. I have the same problem... in the AM I don't want to spend the time to fuss with my hair. If you curl it the night before, will they hold? Sometimes if I'm feel ambitious I'll do that!

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