Monday, June 27

New Feature: My Life is Average Mondays

Partly because of how busy I've been and party because of the fact that the six month honey moon period with my blog is over, I wanted a little change. 

To be honest, I've been wanting to do a weekly feature forever. But I couldn't think of one. Some seemed like too much work and I knew that I couldn't keep up. Others...seemed kind of lame. Plus, I didn't want to take anyone else's ideas. I wanted to find something to call my own. 

So, I'd like to proudly present my new feature. It's called My Life Is Average Mondays. The feature is inspired by MLIAM is basically one, or more events that happened to recently. It's an attempt at making this personal blog slightly more personal. 

So to start off...

After I posted about never having seen Lord of the Rings, everyone rushed to tell me that  I should watch it. I did.

One of my favorite scenes was this one:

And my favorite character was Samwise!

A few of his quotes were just... amazing.

"I can't carry it for you, but I can carry you."

"Mr. Frodo, wake up... Don't leave me here alone. Don't go where I can't follow..."

I liked these movies and I'm pretty excited for the Hobbit! Benedict Cumberbatch is going to voice Smaug, the dragon!


  1. hahaha! I love the caps on the Eowyn/Ringwraith scene! And I am so stoked about Benedict Cumberbath playing Smaug!! It's going to be EPIC.
    ♥ laura
    the blog of worldly delights

  2. I am so excited for the movie, too xDDD major LOTR geek!!

  3. I saw lord of the rings once, many years ago. I don't remember any of it. Perhaps I should check if it's on Netflix... Thanks for the idea Aki!

    <3 MuffinLovesBiscuit

  4. hey i've never seen lotr either!

  5. had never seen LOTR?! How did that never come up!? Loving that Eowyn cap, haha.

  6. i had never seen it, either, for a long time and when i finally did i fell asleep! oh well. guess it wasn't meant to be!

  7. Hahaha I love this post, my inner nerd is so happy! LOTR is super fantastic. I think Sam Gamgee is the sweetest lil dude ever.

  8. I haven't seen these movies for what seems like new post.

  9. aaah LOTR is so so good!x

  10. Love this new feature, Aki! I'm a big fan of LOTR and MLIA as well. :) Thanks for visiting my blog! xx

  11. I've never seen LOTR either...mostly because all of the hype around them really irritated me. Maybe it's time I give them a watch...

  12. I've never seen any of the movies! My boyfriend's been trying to get me to watch them for the longest time - maybe now I will!

    Thanks for visiting us, your blog is lovely! We're now happily following! :)

    sorelle in style

  13. lovely feature! I love the Lord of the Rings. Loved the book so the movie was a must to see.

    Inside and Outside Blog

  14. I think that this is a great feauture! I can't wait to see the next post! :)
    I'm glad that you saw LOTR. This is pretty much the best movie I've ever seen (I'm quite a fantasy nerd anyway)! ^^
    And Sam is indeed an interesting character. He was also one of my favorites!

  15. oh good you watched it! Such an amazing movie :) Pippin and Merry are my faves

  16. Laura - Great to know you're another Benedict Cumberbatch fan. We should fangirl.

    Mrs. Biscuit - They're great cuddle movies. Er... I thought so at least.

    Sorelle - They are NOT bad at ALL.


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