Tuesday, June 21

We all need a post like this.

One thing you often seen on Asian girl's blogs (other than cutesy face shots) is pictures of sushi. Actually... it doesn't matter what race you are... if you talk about food at all, you gotta have sushi on your blog. Now it's my turn. 

I'm combining random sushi pictures with a restaurant review of sorts. 

So the sushi restaurant is RA, which is a large chain restaurant. There's nothing too out of the ordinary on their menu, and to be honest, their place isn't that exciting. My friend and I went in the middle of the day (when they have their happy hour) and the place was barren. Now, I don't know why I assume service would be faster if we're the only two individuals there... but, it wasn't. The place was dimly lit (and I hate places that are dimly lit. Hollister, I'm talking to you.)

These pictures were artificially lightened. Can you tell how dark the inside is compared to the outside? Crazy. The place was moderately priced but definitely not what I would call cheap and quick sushi.

They did however, have a really great seaweed salad. 

I don't really know why I get spicy tuna anymore. I don't really enjoy it. Sometimes I think artistic flourishes on sushi is a waste of time, but the oats (I'm doing a Chinese to English vegetable translation here. You know that doesn't turn out well for me) were a nice touch.

Salmon, my favvvvorite.

Tuna with some interesting things on top. We took a risk ordering this. My friend didn't like it, but I really enjoyed it. I thought the raw veggies were a unique choice. Anddddd, I don't remember what it's called. Sorrrry. 

Arizona is home to a wide array of sushi places. I go back to RA because I know what to expect. But... I'm really going to expand to try other things. 

Arizonians, recommend me a sushi joint?


  1. WHAT! that is outrageous! you don't enjoy spicy tuna?!? lol :P

    i'm easily satisfied when it comes to sushi. any spicy tuna/salmon is okay with me. regardless if the restaurant sucks because really is no way to screw it up. hmm. and perhaps a black dragon roll. yummmmm!

  2. *is drooling now* man, place looks great, food even greater! awesome post!

  3. This place looks fantastic. And I am totally drooling over those photos of yummy sushi. When it comes to sushi (or Japanese food, in general) I eat everything. I can't help it; everything is just soooo delish!
    ♥ laura
    the blog of worldly delights

  4. This place is gorrrrrrgeous. I would love to visit just to use the restaurant as a backdrop for amazing pictures.

    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  5. Ooh I love the seaweed salad! Yum yum! I think all those sushi looked good, I'd def. eat them all. :) I try not to go to sushi places a lot because I end up wanting to try so much stuff that the bill, when it comes, is enough to give me a corollary! lol But I love me some sushi... and a bit of sashimi.

  6. mmm. kawaii ^-^

    That was the most AZN style I could infuse into my comment.

  7. Yummy looking pictures! I'm on sushi hiatus for a while due to the pregnancy but I'll live vicariously through you ;)

  8. It all looks very good. I would eat sushi every day if I could. Yum!

  9. come visit us in CA - we have some amazing sushi places for you to try!! (-:

  10. Hollister, I'm talking to you.
    Also, when you visit, we are going to sushi. Yummm.

  11. nothin' wrong with a good sushi post!!! mmm... now i want some:)

  12. This place looks so gorgeous - and YESSS sushiiii, nomomom looks delicious!

  13. Amazing! You just made me hungry lol. You are such an inspiration. Love you blog and now following! Maybe you'll have time to visit my blog:)


  14. mmm I LOVE sushi!

    Kiss Mich!


  15. Great looking place, sushi is a must for asian girls...hahah!

  16. I love the decor in the restaurant. It offers everything you'd expect aesthetically from a sushi place without being cliché or overdone. The food looks fantastic. Sushi is chic - that's the bottom line!

  17. omg this is such a niceeeee restaurant because of the decor and the plating of the food!!...im another asian who lovessss sushi ^^ HEHe..

    btw thanks for the sweet comment!! i think sewing parts are HARDD.. shorts too >< thats why i think my romper was a total fluke!! lol

  18. Yummy food, I love sushi!!! :)


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