Thursday, July 7

Afraid of My Own Reflection

This post is both a bit serious and a bit ridiculous. It is not a body image issue post.

I have a fear. It makes me uncomfortable. It makes it difficult for me to sleep at night. At the same time, I realize that it is an irrational fear. 

Let me set the scene for you.

It's the summer. I don't have to wake up early in the morning. I'm in the habit of sleeping at 2am and waking up at 10am or 11am. I spend my nights on my couch in my living room watching TV, blogging or reading. I only have the light on in the living room, to save electricity. Sometimes, I feel like going to my bedroom. In order to get to my bedroom, I pass by my mirror in the bathroom, my full length mirror hanging on my closet as well as my vanity across from my bed. I can't stand it because in the mirrors, I can catch a glimpse of a long dark hared girl walking by in a white shirt/dress. 

I look like a ghost from a stereotypical horror movie. I'd put up a picture comparison, but I don't feel like googling the images and scaring myself. I'll share something pretty.

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When I turn off the lights to go to bed, I can't look in the mirror in my vanity because it really scares me. If I need to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night, I keep my eyes closed and feel my way to the bathroom--only opening my eyes once I've turned the lights on.

I know I'm easily scared. I don't watch any horror movies (only mysteries... so I still get a share of dead bodies, but they're not bad). I can't stand being this jumpy and afraid of my own reflection. 

Am I the only one who has this problem? What scares you?


  1. I don't think this post is ridiculous! In fact, maybe now that you spoke of your fear, you can cope better, right? My biggest fear is the future, because you never know what to expect, it's all a surprise and this scares me a bit!

  2. I'm glad that you liked the tutorial! :)
    Did it work for you?
    I don't think this is a stupid post! We all have unexplained fears. I would say that my biggest fear is probably fires. We had a fire on our home a couple of years ago and that was quite a traumatic experience for me.

  3. I can relate to your fears! One of my fears for awhile was also related to mirrors. I would be washing my face at the sink and would be afraid to look up at the mirror to see a stranger behind me! >_< Also, I'm afraid of the dark! Such a wuss I am!

  4. i tend to turn on a light one by one from each room that i pass when i'm moving from one part of my house to another at night. it really creeps me out to walk in the dark.

    this may scare you little, but my mom is slightly superstitious. she doesn't allow mirrors directly facing/reflecting on beds. she tells me that when we close our eyes sleeping in the dark, ghosts/spirits come out from the mirror and take your soul. ...or watch you? LOL. i can't remember the story entirely. regardless, it's creepy as heck! i usually roll my eyes to her crazy superstitious stuff but i'm very afraid of super natural stuff such as ghosts. so i listen!

  5. i think it's good you to tell your fears. maybe then you gonna feel yourself relief :)

    as stupid as it sounds, i scare my feelings. i hate be in love cause i know that someday it will hurt me alot.

  6. when i was a kid i had a similar fear. it came from some annoying ghost story i heard at camp one day. so sometimes i still have that fear. like late at night i'm afraid to look in the mirror. not for my own reflection but a fear that there will be another reflection in it staring back at me. haha. guess that's similar!

  7. I have a really bad habit of watching "Ghost Hunters" or "Most Haunted" before bedtime... It always gives me the creeps for going to bed.

    Honestly, what has scarred me for life is watching The Grudge and The Ring at a young age. Both films gave me nightmares. What scares me the most is the iconic little girls in both of those films- that long wet look black hair and pale skin... Freaks me out so much!!

    On a brighter note, thank you for the lovely comment on my blog. I'm following you now!

    I just wrote a post about holiday outfits, I'd be so glad if you could comment again!


  8. mirrors can be very freaky, I agree! we have like this old altar/vanity right in the middle of the corridor and it has small status of saints and a big mirror in the middle, I am terrified of ti D:

  9. AHHH. I know! Mirrors at night time are SOOO eerie! Especially when there's a bit of light emitting, so it looks like you're glowing. SO SPOOKY!!

  10. I don't think is ridiculous at all! I have a similar fear, I'm scared of the shower...At
    my old house we had a see-through shower door, but now ta my apartment we use a shower curtain that you can't see through...I'm always convinced that a murderer is lurking just outside...

    I think the problem is too many horror movies and an active imagination :p

  11. I actually think you are brave for writing that post! I fear so many things that I try not to think about it. Plane crashes are my biggest.....I'm a mess on a plane.

    Get Up & Go

  12. that is creepy! i would put a towel over the mirror or something!

  13. I've scared myself like this before! We're totally ridiculous! (but it can be totally scary!)

  14. I don't have that fear, but maybe I would if I had to pass all those mirrors every night! Don't some societies have ideas about reflections/images, how they have to be protected, what they mean -- it may not make sense to the rational mind but there is probably a deeper reason for this fear. Maybe you could try covering one or more of the mirrors at night. Also, look into feng shui and mirrors, whether moving things around might help the energy in your place.

    I have plenty of irrational fears and sometimes they take me by surprise. The first time I rode a train I found out I have some claustrophobia. Didn't expect that. I'm somewhat scared of heights, too. And knives. Etc, etc...

  15. i'm glad i'm reading this. i have this too. irrational fears of ghosts and stuff. i was once in the house of horror (in universal studios) and a couple of zombie-actors were chasing me, and i was so afraid (even if i knew it were actors) that i used other visitors as a human shield and ran out of there screaming and crying. my boyfriend was shocked!
    i had this too like you in the house i grew up in, luckily it's over now that i'm living in a non-scary apartment :)
    so maybe put something over your mirrors, or wear a really colorful and fun nightgown?

  16. :O!! I totally know what you mean. My situation is a little different though :/ I'm such a wuss. I always sleep with the lights on (which is awful because obviously that's a bigger bill and waste of energy) but I can't sleep in the dark. I get so freaked out about all the non-realistic things that could be in there -__- I know my fear is totally irrational but I still can't get over it. What a dreary way to start the day. Lol.

    But thanks for the fairy comment :P That made me smile. I like fairies.

    Castle Fashion

  17. I know what you mean! I get scared for that exact same reason. And I don't watch any scary movies because it makes it worse!

  18. I'm sure you look awesome haha

    gorgeous photo! Love it so much. followed ya

    Thanks for your comment ! I just made a new post, check it out!

  19. Also, I made thisafter your comment about the fairy!

  20. I get scared super easily too! I watched a scary movie on Halloween and didn't get over it for 5 months!!
    Oh and in answer to your comment, Barcelona is where the Sagrada Familia is~so pretty!

  21. I thought I was the only adult afraid to walk past a mirror in the dark. I don't even think I look like a ghost or anything.. just something about it creeps me out. Seeing something moving the dark that's not me.. even though I know it's a reflection of me? Like I said, IDK! But it's creepy, creepy, creepy ;\

  22. omg me too!!! My mum doesn't let me have a mirror that is directly opposite my bed anyway, but not like I want to. How scary is it? Looking at your own reflection in the mirror during the night. I think it is because I don't want to accidently see another person in the mirror with me... OMG now im scared now argh haha T_T

  23. For some reason, since moving to Minnesota, I don't have a fear of ghosts and the supernatural. I feel like this was a more rational part of the world.

    But when I was living in the Philippines, I believed every single superstition and supernatural thing imaginable. It just seemed more conducive to the environment. Lots of trees, lots of religious statues and just lots of anecdotes. So ghosts, apparitions, possessions, poltergeists, elves, white ladies etc were the norm. Scary stuff.

  24. Oh my goodness, I thought this was just me! When there was a rash of Asian horror movies (The Ring, The Grudge, The Eye, etc.), all of those freaky female ghost images scare the crap out of me and to this day still haunts me when I catch a glimpse of myself in the mirror at night.

  25. I never thought of this but I never look in the mirror in the hall way when I go to bathroom at night =/
    I'm usually not scared of my own reflection or never realized it? =S


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