Monday, August 8

My Life is Average Mondays: Work, again.

This MLIAM is actually... super average. This wasn't even a project I had to do this summer, but it sure makes for a funny picture, doesn't it? Stacks of sky high binders... an intern's job.

My summer is ending, but I've spent these last few days having as much fun as I care to. I like to evaluate my summers at the end of them and this summer, I think I've met some great new people. I've learned a lot and I've had a lot of fun.

Now, it's time again to look at school related things. I have one last year left at university. Let's make the best of it!

How was your summer?


  1. ew.

    but SO glad you had a wonderful summer! so crazy that its about to end!


  2. Omg that looks like a hell lot of work!! Sounds like a good summer... Mine's still going!

  3. Wow that photo is crazy!!

    I am glad you survived your internship, it must have been really fun!

    I have never interned myself, haha much too lazy to work during my holidays. ;P

    The Cat Hag
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  4. Haha my summer was a little messed up and fun haha.
    Lots of boys!

    District of Fashion
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  5. Cool picture!! Glad you had a good summer. I love summer, not ready for it to be over!

  6. Yikes to the stack of books there.

    Now for summer, glad you had a great one. I'm sure your last year in uni will be just as great. :)

    Yup, birds are scary. Haha...

    Take care. :)

  7. What skirt is unbelievably awesome!!

    Lots of love from Sydney,

    x Kel

    talking closet camaraderie

  8. AllyM - I know, you probably feel differently since you're already graduated.

    The Cat Hag - I had a very long break. It was kind of a required thing.

    Buky - Lots of boys? Scandalous!


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