Monday, September 5

My Life Is Average Mondays: Froyo in Class

First off, I hope you guys are having a great labor day weekend. Getting that rest in and catching up on what you need to do. I've been goofing off a bit myself. 

I have class late Tuesday night from 5:30 - 9. It's a class where some of the individuals in it really annoy me. I always have a really bad attitude in that class, mostly because of when it is.

But I recently found out that on the same night that I have class, Tuesday, a froyo shop close to the classroom offers a 50% discount on their froyo. I have just enough time during the fifteen minute break to go and get some.

Unsurprisingly, a bowl of yum for really cheap cheers me right up. If I remember correctly, this had pineapple, pomegranate, and mango. It's topped with chocolate covered raisins and mochi. 


  1. I would totally go to class, just for the fro yo :)

  2. Wow, way to make one look forward to going to class! I just had frozen yogurt and I tend to gravitate towards the tart flavors! 50% off....dangerous!

  3. I always hated evening classes. They're awful! No wonder you get aggravated.

    Frozen yogurt does make everything better. My husband and I went to get some this afternoon, actually. I had a swirl of key lime pie/butter pecan. Yum!

  4. That looks amazing. I wish there was more frozen yoghurt in Scotland. Sadly, there isn't! :(


    Check out my latest post if you can :))

  5. That looks delicious! And thank you so much for tagging me for an award, you are SO sweet!!

  6. such a good deal! a froyo can cheer anyone up. i always go overbored and end up adding too much of everything lol

  7. Oh gawd, I LOVE me some froyo. Usually, I get a mango, tutti frutti, blueberry combo. Do you have Pinkberry where you live? If you ever see one, you HAVE to go.

  8. Thanks for your comment. :}

    mm that looks deli! I've never tasted mochi before, I wonder what that is like.

    You must be so tired when you get back from your class, get more rest. :)

  9. Hi, I really enjoyed your blog ...
    What do you think of following one another?
    Van Kisses ♥

  10. I'm glad you found something to make that class a bit more bearable :) What an annoying time to have class!

  11. Is it pathetic that I've never tried froyo?

    xx Grace

  12. What a lovely way to cheer yourself up. Xxxx

  13. Yummy froyo! We have something similar here and I also am a HUGE mochi topping fan :)

  14. Never tried this, even dough I would like, it looks yummy and light for the finishing summer...:)

  15. looks yummy... I haven't had it much,, only couple of times in downtown tempe ... n'' I loved it... I haven't seen any over here in st. cloud, mn .. :(

  16. LePetiteLemon - I definitely have days of chocolate loving and tart loving. It's the summer so lately, it's been tart.

    Lauren - I've never had keylime froyo. That sounds lovely.

    You're Lucky I Don't Have a Gun... - I haven't seen pinkberries around. I think there are some here, but just not in my direct area.

    Grace - If you have it in your area, please try!

  17. we love fro-yo here! this is a great pick-me-up before or after class!

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